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shopify website design

What’s New in Shopify Website Design in 2018

E-Commerce trends are something that creates fundamental, lasting changes that reshape not just how people shop, but how they live. Particularly, Shopify website design trends, leave behind a residual effect…….


Transforming UX with Human Faces

Transforming UX Through Implementing Human Faces in Web Design

How would you describe a face given an opportunity? Is your answer something resembling, “let us recognize and identify people”? Well, it’s true. But a face does much more than…….


Boost Magento Store Sales

Tips to Boost your Magento E-Commerce Store Sales

The e-commerce market of today is packed to the brim with businesses scrambling for the top, trying to gain as much space as possible. However, in order to get the…….


App Development Trends 2018

Mobile App Development Trends That Will Make Waves in 2018

Smartphones have made such a huge impact on our lives in such a short time that today it’s just impossible to imagine our lives without them. Equally undigestible is the…….


Magento vs Shopify

Comparing the Benefits Between Magento and Shopify

Location, as we know, have always played a major role in determining the success of any company. Nobody wants to set their shop in a secluded area devoid of any…….


Bigcommerce SEO

Utilizing BigCommerce SEO Tips for Improved Rankings

In today’s competitive market, one can never take enough steps to ensure success, there’s always seem to be some efforts lacking. What one can do, in fact, is constantly upgrade…….


Magento website development

6 Magento E-Commerce Trends to Follow in 2018

Magento, since its foundation in 2007, has seen its share of ups and downs but through continued persistence and a strong will to survive it has turned out to be…….


WordPress Maintenance

Checklist to Follow During WordPress Maintenance

WordPress is the most popular content management system there is today and has been for several years.  It started as a platform for bloggers to create their blogs to share…….


Shopify Development

Explosive growth of Shopify or Death of Drupal?

Today, 73% of all online stores just run on three platforms: Magento, Woocommerce, and Shopify. No matter, Drupal being the second most-used open source website content management system. But still,…….


website development for start-ups

Launched a Start-up? Great! Now Get Your Website Developed

So, you have finally decided to make it on your own. You have left your 9 to 5 job and have decided to become an entrepreneur. You have an office…….


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