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How to Tell if Your Website Needs Redesigning

Every business needs an effective website since it not only serves as a hub for all your online marketing activities but without it, you won’t see any significant results for any online marketing campaigns. The fact is websites, like everything else, wears down with time, that’s why they need an upgrade every few years, just like your cell phone.

But unlike your cell phone, upgrading a professional website goes way beyond than just a ‘digital facelift’ in order to make it look more attractive online. The thing is, how to determine yourself if your website actually needs a complete overhaul or just some minor twerks or falls somewhere in between. Let’s find out-

You are running a visually outdated website

If you are among those who’ve been using the same site since 90’s or even 00’s, then its time you should seriously reconsider website redesign. A visually outdated website not only shows you are not in touch with the current trends but more importantly, you don’t care either.

And a visually appealing one? Besides being much more click-friendly, it actually appears to be a higher quality resource. An updated and modern design isn’t just for show either, it plays a critical role in your customer’s purchasing decision.

The purpose of your site has changed

Web design may be an important part of your brand but it isn’t everything, your brand matters just as much. It goes way beyond adding a new logo and updating your colors. Your website needs to reflect your brand messaging along with its core values.

And it should be done with such a precision that every visitor who visits your website should be able to tell exactly what you do and how your business can help them. Redesigning your website at this point can help you provide an accurate reflection of your brand messaging.

Your site loading takes forever

It might be that your website runs slow on certain browsers or devices, or it is simply slow. In general, it takes around 8 sec to capture the attention span of any human brain, just about enough time to convince him/her on a special offer or a clear CTA.

Slow loading time is nothing but toxic for a great user experience. Most probably, an outdated theme or template is the reason behind the slow loading. if this is so, your website needs a serious software update and quickly, as Google too penalizes slow loading sites.

Users cannot find your website

Think, if users cannot discover your website, how do you expect the new clients to find you? Today, you cannot simply rely on word-of-mouth for publicity because people as soon as they hear about you will want to Google your business.

So, if your site hasn’t been set up for SEO, it means you aren’t showing up on the first page of search engine results either, in short, you are losing out on all the important traffic. Just remember your website’s design and performance directly affect these rankings.

Your website isn’t optimized for mobile

If your site isn’t responding well on mobiles, then it’s definitely time to consider redesigning. Over the past few years, a mobile responsive site has become more of a necessity than a luxury. More and more searches are being conducted on mobiles now more than ever.

 And a huge number of these searches result in a purchase. So, if your website isn’t responsive to different screen sizes, how can you expect your site to have any kind of success among consumers. With mobile responsive design, you won’t ever sell yourself short on any traffic.

Your website no longer converts

Whether you operate a blogging site where you promote visitors to sign up to receive your exclusive content, or you run an e-commerce site where you work hard to get consumers to make a purchase, conversion has always been your primary goal.

So, if your conversion rate is low, it either means users are coming to your website but unable to find what they are looking for, they bounce back, or your website being completely outdated is a huge turn off for them. Another reason your site needs redesigning.

Closing Thoughts:

Identifying with one of the above-mentioned scenarios shouldn’t be much of a cause to worry, but if you realize a few hits close to home, then it definitely means its time to get cracking on a new design. You can redesign either to improve functionality or to update tools or to simply (as most businesses do) stay fresh and give your clients something new.

It’s also important to note here that redesigning your website doesn’t always require you to change every single one of your graphic design elements. Sometimes, making small functional modifications here and there are enough to do the trick.

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