Egypt “Ify” Ufele is a designer who resides in Queens, NY with her mother and sister. Egypt was exposed and inspired by beauty of African prints and the African culture she experienced while frequently traveling to Nigeria. Ify was bullied in school because she was overweight due to taking steroids for severe asthma, of which she nearly died on several occasions.

She learned to cope by spending quality time with her older sister MisPerri Fashions, and her maternal grandma sewing outfits for her dolls. Egypt was the only child designer to present her collection during NYFW ( NEW YORK FASHION WEEK) and received a standing ovation for her creative designs for all sizes and genders including adults and curvy models.

Her Motto Is: “No kid should ever feel bad about how they look”

She wants to empower all kids to do their best and always work hard.

Client: Daniele Tabele Tasks: Bigcommerce Development, ecommerce, Responsive, web design Website: