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A thrilled client has always been the main goal and motivation behind every website design we take. As a leading web design company in Los Angeles, nothing sounds better than hearing the accomplishments of our clients’ goals and visions. I believe it’s about time you should hear them as well.

Stephanie Y

Had the pleasure of working with DK at Clap Creative. We were very pleased with his responsiveness and ability to meet our requirements. We were very satisfied with his work and wish we discovered Clap Creative a long time ago to help us out. Highly skilled team, great service and affordable prices! We highly recommend Clap Creative and hope we can continue to work together.

Nikki M

DK and his team are very responsive, professional and efficient. The turnaround time for our projects has always been quick and they are always easy to get a hold of regarding any of our questions or concerns. The integrity of their coding is proficient and organized; we’ve never never had any issues with their work. We will be life-long clients because they’ve never given us any reason to look elsewhere. We highly recommend Clap Creative. You will not be disappointed!

Shawn Fohze

They are a great web design agency that focuses on deliver ability and results. Great web design agency in Los Angeles!

John Greene

Clap Creative was fast, responsive and did a terrific job. We called them late on a Friday and they worked on it until late in the evening. Highly recommended.

Clint Carter

DK and his team did an amazing job of re-working our existing website and adding an e-commerce section to it. They were attentive and responded quickly to questions and requests. I would highly recommend Clap Creative to any business looking for web services.

SVP of Development
Advice Interactive Group

I’ve been very satisfied with the work Clap Creative has done. They can get things done quickly and intelligently.

Stefan Hunter

DK and his team did great work for our site. Launching a new site is always worrisome, but they made our site designs work and look amazing.

Elite Visions

Clap Creative was a great web development agency to work with. DK and his team were fasts, efficient and very professional. highly recommend them.

Daniel T

Clap Creative do an amazing job as a team to get the tasks accomplished accurately and on time. Finding a team who is dedicated and puts care into their work, is a rarity nowadays and Clap Creative is one of the few who were able to help my companies needs. Great job!

Nick Drbal

DK and his team are best in this business. Whatever you need… they can do. Literally. Thanks again guys!

Tile Manufacturer

Clap Creative did a great job. … Our monthly sales have doubled and our traffic has increased significantly since we launched this site.

Tightpac America

We had an urgent problem with our Megento site and DK had us up and running and back to normal in the same Day we contacted him! His cost was reasonable especially when compared to others we contacted.

Laura Conway

Fast service, easy to work with.

Brady Hutmacher

Professional, Fast to make changes, always responsive to inquires. Definitely going to continue to do work with them in the future.

Kelly Akehurst

We have been working with DK for a few years now. We highly recommend this company for building and maintaining websites. Very responsive and knowledgeable. There have been a few times where we had a “website emergency” and it was fixed immediately.

Outcome Tutoring

The website that Clap Creative developed automatically made us into a more sophisticated company.

Ryan Nielsen

Clap Creative is awesome and responsive and they really take the time to do proper QA and make sure I’m happy. I am a repeat customer and would recommend them to anyone. If you need web work done right – hire Clap Creative.

Kevin Christie

Very patient and knowledgeable team that is quick on feedback and offers great advise.

Jennifer Sorcher

I have had such an amazing experience while working with Clap Creative! DK has been helping us for a while now, and he has built our site so beautifully! Not only is he quick to answer and eager to get the job done, but he is also informative and respectful as well! You can tell that DK and his team know what they’re doing, and I would recommend them to anyone and everyone! Whenever we have a small site glitch or SEO issue, they fix it within the hour! A very much needed quality in any web team! To sum it up, Clap Creative is one of the best web teams I have ever worked with!

Military Marketplace Startup

We can say that we are a true marketplace dedicated for military entrepreneurs that is secure and scalable. No one else has done that before.

C Martin

We’ve been working with DK and Clap Creative for a couple of years and we’re always pleased to see how responsive he and his company are. They really deliver when we need something fast, and DK is a pleasure to work with. One of their main attributes is how creative they are when it comes to solving complex problems that require a variety of programming skills.

Heather Gaida

Easy to work with and very reliable. Fixes things in a snap. Highly recommend.

Robert DeBakey

I’ve been looking for a reliable web designer for sometime when I came across Clap Creative. Their online support team send me a message right away and within 10 minutes I was on the phone with DK. Within 48 hours he had a new mock up for our site and over the weekend he started to implement it. DK is a great problem solver and has awesome ideas! If you’re looking for a fantastic site with a quick turnaround look no further.

Doo Care Dog Waste Removal

Professional design and great service. I would highly recommend DK.

Mike Hall

I would highly recommend working with Clap Creative. They helped me tremendously with my project, not only they did it on time but i was very pleased with first design as well.

Helene Muddiman

I have enjoyed working with them and I am very pleased with results. I wish them all the best and look forward to working with them again soon.

Troy Courtney

DK and his team saved me from an embarrassing situation when my site stops functioning properly. I appreciate the fast work and professionalism.

Joshua Lord

DK and his team of professionals worked with our start-up on a front-end development project for nearly 6 months. We had a lot of interaction and requests for communication as the project unfolded and presented new challenges along the way, and DK did his best to accommodate those requests. The ability to source professionals to complete the tasks and to interact with those professionals across time zones was managed and controlled by DK as each new change and order was fulfilled. Our company was pleased to work with Clap Creative and appreciated the willingness of DK to complete the task and to polish the code to our exacting specifications at a reasonable price.

Jorge Alonso

Dk and his team at Clap Creative have been very helpful to us in creating websites and microsites, which we do a lot of. They’re always very responsive and are very good a figuring out pretty complex programming issues. They’re also very good at sicking with a project until it’s done and we’re happy with it.

Test Prep Startup

It was a fairly sophisticated job and there was a lot of back and forth, but Clap Creative dealt with it well…

Justin Murray

Our company had an amazing experience with DK at Clap Creative….Thank you.

Claire Morazzano

Highly skilled and fast service.

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