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2015’s Best SEO Tips for Startups

2015 is shaping up to be an excellent year for search engine industry. The mobile developments are taking things to the next level and we are witnessing a steady rise in number of Google updates. All of which means that startups need to be on their toes for 2015.

Startups already have a lot going on. With limited budgets, marketing and SEO in general are their biggest concerns. So, here are some tips that will help you this year and possibly beyond even.

  1. Optimize for One Keyword

Optimize for One Keyword | 2015's Best SEO Tips for Startups | ClapCreative

Keyword stuffing has been declared dead many years ago. The use of excessive exact match keywords is next. Optimize all your pages around a central keyword and insert important on-page elements for an organic look. Ensure keywords are present in heading, image alt text, page title and other vital areas. Most importantly, write for humans with focus on one topic.

  1. Keywords Are Vital but Not Crucial

Google detached PPC from its reliance on exact match keywords in 2014. And it is going for the search now. Do not go for exact match keywords in your content. Rather, create a holistic list of semantic variations which add organic elements to the content. Such an approach also helps in appearing in results where misspellings are common.

  1. Short and Clean URLs

Short and Clean URLs | ClapCeative | 2015's Best SEO Tips for Startups

If you want your website to be categorized well, URL structure should be short. Each URL should cleanly reflect its purpose and help to categorize your website. This greatly helps in determining the page rank since good URLs are easy to crawl. Short URLs are also beneficial from a user experience point of view.

  1. Optimize Image Alt Text

Image Alt texts are gaining prominence. Make sure your image alt texts contain vital keywords.

  1. Increase Site Speed

Increase Site Speed | 2015's Best SEO Tips for Startups | ClapCreative

Site loading time is now a critical factor in determining the ranking on major search engines. With emphasis on user experience, site speed plays an important part in deciding the ranking. Fast load times make sure that your website works well with slower internet speeds. HubSpot or in-built CMS tools can be used to test site speed. Avoid over loaded web servers, large media files, many plugins, excessive image use and uncompressed images.

  1. HTTP vs. HTTPS: Why They Matter

HTTP vs. HTTPS: Why They Matter | 2015's Best SEO Tips for Startups | ClapCretive

Google is giving a big push to HTTPS instead of HTTP. This newer and more secure platform provides for more encryption and better data security. In 2015 and beyond, this is the standard that most large corporations will follow. If you can afford it, go for it.

  1. Mobile Search Implications

Mobile search is an ever increasing realm. Instead of optimizing your website for mobile, design with mobile in mind. Responsive themes and templates are widely recommended by every major search engine. Follow Google’s general guidelines for mobile optimization.

  1. Go For Other Search Engines

Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo are raising stars of the SEO industry. You should look to optimize for them since their annual search share is increasing. This means more marketing and sales channels. This will help you increase your visibility. Also, the SEO is comparatively easy for these search engines.

In 2015, SEO will be more about conversion rather than just keywords. Focus on metrics instead of ranking for a set number of keywords. Look for other revenue channels. Focusing all your guns on search engines will drain your marketing budget sooner. Rest assured, these SEO tips are definitely going to help you for the remaining 2015.

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