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5 Apps that Help Boost Conversions for BigCommerce Stores

In my previous blog posts, I have discussed why choosing BigCommerce platform for creating your online store is a good option. I have even discussed which qualities to look for when choosing a BigCommerce development company. In this post, I will be discussing the 5 best apps available today that can help your BigCommerce store increase its profits by increasing the conversion rate of their website. Let’s face it, the ultimate goal that any business has is conversions or sales. Without that, all the time and effort that went into designing and developing the e-commerce site is all wasted.

Sometimes minor adjustments here or there can make the difference in your conversion rates. However, using certain apps does make the process quicker and more effective. Below are the top 5 apps that help your BigCommerce site increase conversions –


Compass is an all in one analytics dashboard for your BigCommerce store. There is nothing else that gives you more insights into your website than analytics. Compass has over 30 metrics that are displayed on a single dashboard. Some of the details that are displayed there are – cost of customer acquisition, customer lifetime value, repurchase rate etc.

This tool gives you accurate reports on all the metrics that let you understand your website and its traffic so that you can make informed decisions that help improve your webstore.

You can get this app here – https://www.bigcommerce.com/apps/compass/


Yotpo is an app that lets users write reviews on your website for various products. Over 70% of all online customers check the reviews of the products online before making the decision to purchase the item. The best part about Yotpo is that it sends emails to customers that have made purchases, encouraging them to write reviews of the products.

These reviews can be used to bring more traffic onto the website and encourage new users to make purchases.

You can get this app here – https://www.bigcommerce.com/apps/yotpo-social-reviews/

Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth lets you create custom reward programs and membership benefits for your customers. If you look at any successful online store, they are offering reward points to customers or are running some sort of loyalty program to keep their customers returning back to them. This is a great technique for getting repeat customers, inspired by the brick and mortar stores loyalty cards.

You can award your customers when they complete various actions like registration, referring friends, completing purchases, sharing on social media etc.

You can get this app here – https://www.bigcommerce.com/apps/smile-io/


Sellbrite lets you list and sells your BigCommerce products on various channels to expand their reach. It a cloud-based, multichannel platform that lets you control and manage your inventory, fulfill orders and provide you with multichannel reporting that gives you an overview of your online sales and activities.

Some of the sites where your listings can be published are Amazon, eBay, Etsy etc.

You can get this app here – https://www.bigcommerce.com/apps/sellbrite/

Boost Sales

Boost Sales app is an app that facilitates up-selling and cross-selling by generating pop-ups of related products when your customers make a purchase or are in the process of making a purchase. This app increases conversions by informing customers of related products that they can purchase along with their products. For example, a customer purchasing a smartphone will receive a pop-up of a screen guard or a matte finish back cover to purchase along with the smartphone.

You can get this app here – https://www.bigcommerce.com/apps/boost-sales/


Along with using these 5 apps, you should also think about re-doing your BigCommerce store design to make it seem more attractive to your customers and simple to use. You can keep watching this space to know about more developments in BigCommerce stores and their optimizations.

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