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5 Best Magento Extensions Poised to Be Hit in 2015 | Magento Development Los Angeles

5 Best Magento Extensions Poised to Be Hit in 2015

Magento has really taken off as an ecommerce platform. But sometimes, the basic preferences are not enough to meet the unique needs of a business. So, there are many webmasters that want to take their estore to the next level and Magento does not disappoint. With literally thousands of extension, this platform promises all that you want from a versatile platform.

To meet your brand’s unique requirements, Magento Connect store and the web in general offer many plugins, extensions or tools. Sounds like your situation? Read on to know the best Magento extensions that can do wonders for your business.

Matrix Rate

matrix rate Free | Los Angeles | ClapCreativeShipping is one of the biggest concerns of the estores. Managing various shipping needs for the same product can involve a lot of different factors. For example, a small toy has to be shipped to two different location can have two unique shipping rates. Matrix Rate is one such extension that helps you better manage the shipping concerns. You can specify the shipping as per weight, distance, location, taxes and many other variables. The prices are instantly applied and you dot have to worry about wrong shipments burning a hole in your pocket.


Olark| Los Angeles | ClapCreativeTicket based support not working as expected? Want to chat with your customers live? Olark gives you the best solution in this situation. You can configure it with your ticket based support system to provide additional services. Olark is the chat box software that gives a myriad options for customization. Its reporting capabilities are well ahead of the other chat box software like Zendesk. You can track what the person is doing while chatting live thereby allowing you to better help the customers. This also helps lower the response time and provide assistance in real time.

Enhanced Admin Grids

enhance admin grids | Los Angeles | ClapCreativeAdministration grids can more efficiently customized using this extension. You can add more features to the grid using its admin product management features. New tools and columns can be added effectively. This free extension allow you to add customer attributes in the corresponding columns.


Bronto | Los Angeles | ClapCreativeThis is the best solution for email marketing campaigns. Most ecommerce stores. You can track the buying activities and send promotional messages based on the same patterns. You can kind of segment the customers as per their buying categories and also create categories using various metrics. For example, you can track average value, revenue generated, shopping average, wishlists etc. You can further customize the email marketing campaign using these statistics.

XML Map Creator

XML Sitemap | Los Angeles | ClapCreativeThis is your go-to tool if you want to create multiple XML sitemaps. Every webmaster knows the importance of XML sitemaps and this tools can let you easily create and submit clear sitemaps. Both Google and Bing give huge importance to sitemaps. The search engine bots can easily access your site pages and store information much more accurately. The result is higher exposure and better rankings.

Magento is open source and free. You can have many paid and free extension to go with your site. Simply choose these or look for more options in the store to suit your needs.

For any For any custom Magento extensions requirements Los Angeles, please contact us today.

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