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Pageless Web Design

7 Reasons Why Pageless Design is the Future of Web Designing

Earlier, when websites were invented, basic HTML pages were enough to bring in quality traffic. Those were the days when websites were composed of several pages containing tons of information. These pages were further subdivided into several more pages, breaking the information into smaller bits that could be accessed from the navigation menu.

However, with the evolution of technology came mobile phones which replaced desktops and became our prime source of web browsing. But this shifting lead to another sort of problem, smaller screens, and completely different navigation system. Not only this, there were still many who still preferred good old desktops way more than smartphones.

Now, this called for a complete overhaul of traditional website’s modus operandi. The result? Pageless web design- a product of minimalism.

What is a Pageless Web Design?

Pageless web design is basically a step towards freeing traditional websites from the outdated conventions of print design distributed through several pages and presenting all the required information on a single page layout thus making your browsing experience a contemporary and enjoyable one.

Why is Pageless Design the future of Web Design?

I will give you not one or two but seven reasons as to why pageless web design is far more superior to conventional web design and why you should consider having it.

  1. The Responsive Design that Looks Great on all Devices

Pageless websites are immensely popular for their responsiveness and can go native on all devices be it featured phones, smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops etc. By creating a uniformity across platforms for features like interaction, scrolling and navigation, pageless web designs are far ahead than their conventional counterparts when it comes to creating user-friendly experiences.

  1. A Well-Organised Content instead of a Scattered One

Most conventional sites present today with its huge quantity of texts, a distracting slider image, links and icons spread through several pages and God knows what else give the look of a scattered and messy website. Whereas with a pageless site, the structured narrative is presented on a single page which gives you the ability to control the content and present it in whichever way you want the information to be available to your audience.

  1. Much More Affordable than Conventional Websites

Creating a beautiful, custom website has always been an expensive endeavor for individuals and businesses alike. But not anymore, the best thing about pageless designs is that they are not expensive at all since they don’t involve any complexity and the production of individual pages. At an average, pageless sites cost just 30% of what you pay for a custom designed website.

  1. Helps in Decreasing Bounce Rates

It’s a commonly known that pageless websites have much lower bounce rates as compared to the conventional ones. The reason lies in the fact that single page sites make it relatively easier for users to find the desired information in a short period of time. This results in the generation of new leads, easy promotion of products and services, and the overall increase in the sales. Isn’t this what we all want?

  1. Iterative Process that Greatly Improves the User Experience

Iteration is a cyclic process that lets you make easy, fast and effective changes based on analytics and user feedback on your website’s layout. Since a pageless site contains only a single page to be put up, updating it is a piece of cake.

  1. Let’s You tell Captivating Stories to Your Audience

The primary objective of building websites has always been to tell their compelling stories to the existing and prospective audiences. It’s your choice how you want this story to be presented, either by creating a website on one page following a storyline, without any distractions or by scattering the bits over sub-categories divided over multiple pages.

  1. Allow Visitors to Easily Share these Stories

Have you ever tried sharing an entire standard website with someone? Of course not, because it’s simply not possible. The best you can do is zero in on the small bits and share that portion with the other person. But sharing a pageless site is not only possible (thanks to the single page web design) but is a butter-smooth process as well. Now you can easily present all that compelling information to your audience within no time.


Apart from all the above-mentioned reasons, Search Engine Optimization is another important factor that cannot be ignored. And this is where you will receive the biggest benefit your pageless website has to offer. With the help of your one full proof and self-explanatory branded website, your SEO rankings will improve significantly as apart from increased social sharing and conversion rates, Google PageRank score will also be applied to your overall site as well.

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