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Best Security plugins for your WordPress website

WordPress is the most widely used content management system in the world today. This crowning feature unfortunately also makes it one of the most widely attacked CMS in the world. No wonder there is a slew of security plugins available to protect your website from hackers. Some would argue that WordPress is a secure system offering many built-in security features. But a little extra help won’t hurt especially when you have so many custom plugins installed.

Here are 5 Best Security Plugins for your WordPress website.

  1. iThemes Security | ClapCreativeiThemes Security – This is a popular WP plugin for security. Offering more than 30 ways to protect your website against various types of attacks, this plugin is the highly trusted by many webmasters. Common loop holes are plugged in thereby strengthening user credentials. Paid version offers Geo ID banning, 2-factor authentication and more security features. It is highly effective against brute-force attacks. This plugin automatically creates a full backup of your database files. Malicious codes are also blocked effectively by allowing only admin access.
  1. All in one WP Security and Firewall | ClapCreativeAll in one WP Security and Firewall – It offers advance level security in single plugin. This is the most updated plugin with latest security measures. It has 3 protection levels including basic, intermediate and advanced. Basic level does not interfere with the website. However, advanced usage does interfere with the website’s functionality and setup. It allows you to view which user has run a brute force attack against you. If there are changes to any WP file, it can be blocked immediately.
  1. Wordfence | ClapCreativeWordfence is a renowned high-performance WP security plugin. It monitors the visitor access and also sorts out the hacked files. This plugin features a virus scanner, firewall and cache engines to secure against attacks. Core files of your WP website can be more easily recovered. Premium paid version offers much more improved features and high performance updates.
  1. BulletProof Security | ClapCreativeBulletProof Security makes use of .htaccess security protection that features php.ini, wp-cofig.php etc. Its 1-click security is most popular feature that immediately protects the WP-Admin folder. Users can definitely look forward to protection against CRLF, XSS, RFI and SQL Injection attacks. Number of login attempts are tracked and if signs of brute force are detected, the system locks down the user attempting abnormal login attempts.
  1. Sucuri Authenticator | ClapCreativeSucuri Authenticator is a good choice for those looking to protect against multiple attacks. It offers malware removal, blacklisting, spam control and website monitoring. WordPress website files are scanned and if any changes are detected, the files can be located and scanned. Post hack options allow you to change the relevant passwords and usernames and secure your website.

Most of these plugins offer a free version to try. If you like the features, you can upgrade to premium version to fully unlock the potential of these security plugins for WordPress. Some investment into the security of your website. Or better be prepared to learn the hard way when your website is compromised. Choose any of these and ensure that such a situation never comes up again.

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