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Best Strategies to Kick Start your marketing campaign in 2015

2014 would be remembered as a subtle year in digital marketing. The trends were slow and predicable but impressive nevertheless. This slow change is going to be continued in the next year. And if you are a webmaster planning for 2015 marketing strategies, your branding plan has to be approached in a whole different manner.

Here are some tactics for 2015 that will define the way businesses achieve online success.

  1. Original Video Content

Videos were big time in 2014 and the trend is going to be carried over into this year as well. More and more websites are using videos not only for their YouTube channels but also on their home pages, services pages and much more. Video promotion will see big opportunities since more and more platforms now support direct video streaming and are reaching their clients on smartphones better. Whatever your brand is involved in, charity or services, a video can generate huge response within minutes.

  1. Mobile-First Marketing

Businesses are now rising to the mobile challenge and approach has shifted dramatically. So much so that some businesses devote a major chunk of their budget only to the mobile marketing strategy. You would be hard pressed to find a business that does not pay much attention here. So, from mobile responsive websites to fast loading speed for smartphones, the trend has yielded significant returns for brands. But mobile marketing keeps you on your toes due to its highly dynamic nature. If apps were a major hit in 2014, the coming year will shift focus on more personalized approaches.

  1. Ultra personalization

Personalized ads and much more use of cookies to deliver the most relevant content will be all the rage in 2015. Algorithms are used to track more data and convert into meaningful information on a personal level to be used for personalized marketing campaigns. Location targeting and retargeting will be more in focus to achieve a cohesive Internet experience.

  1. More Millenial Targeting

Millenial generation is much more interested in online everything and they have got the money. So, the targeting will be more biased towards Millennial generation. This age group will create the largest online consumer group in the coming years and 2015 will lay the groundwork into that very direction. The spending power will be much more channeled due to more digital platforms.

  1. Don’t Neglect Local SEO

People still prefer to buy on brick and mortar business especially when it comes to larger purchases. So, do no ignore the local SEO. Make sure that your clients are better targeted at a local scale.

  1. Credibility and Authenticity

People have started to trust credible online sources much more than general sources. So, you better move in fast and build credibility. Make sure that you are well in sync with the authentic references and they support your business well.

2015 has just started. If you want to improve your exposure and get more conversion, this is the time to act. Plan your strategies and get the right people to implement it in the right manner.

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