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Bigcommerce vs. Shopify – How to Choose Among Giants

If you are looking to open an online store then you are probably asking yourself which is better: Bigcommerce or Shopify.

Online retailers are no longer building sites from scratch, and are turning to these platforms to host their shops. These platforms allow individuals with no knowledge of HTML or CSS set up their online store in mere minutes.

Both Bigcommerce and Shopify have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here is a Bigcommerce Vs Shopify run-through of what you can expect from each platform to make the right decision for your online business.

The Design Differences

When it comes to customizing the look, Shopify is easy hands down. You can certainly customize the look of Bigcommerce but it is a bit difficult and a bit more involved, and if you decide to hire a designer – significantly more expensive.

Simplicity of Use

Both platforms are extremely powerful but for straight forward, ease of use, it is better to go with Shopify. Shopify has simplified the processes as much as possible and has decided to impress the users by just working. Bigcommerce, on the other hand, looks like it was designed by a marketing team looking for another feather in their cap.

Product Management

Bigcommerce wins here hands down. Shopify has just the simplest of product management options (which may as well suit your needs), but if you are selling anything that requires your customer to select an option opt for Bigcommerce. It is much simpler to manage products and inventory.


As already mentioned, the marketing team designed the interface for Bigcommerce and the biggest advantage of this is the back end reporting. It is very powerful and easier to use. Shopify includes the basics and will probably suit most users, but if you are looking for information and graphs go for Bigcommerce.


Since you will be using your shopping cart quite frequently, make sure to consider aesthetics as part of your decision. Unfortunately, it is a bit difficult to compare. The simplicity and cleanliness of Shopify will win your heart, and the application interface of Bigcommerce will greatly appeal to you.

Stability and Longevity

Shopify takes the cake on this one. Bigcommerce is still a new product, and Shopify has been doing it long enough to successfully take away the points.


Both of them offer free trials – although Shopify is offering a trial double the time period of Bigcommerce. Both of them are priced pretty much the same and that won’t change anytime soon.

Try them both!

Honestly, you might have an idea of what you think will be right choice for your store, but you won’t truly know until you try and test both of them yourself. Set up your website through free trials offered by both Shopify and Bigcommerce and see how well they perform.

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