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Common Mistakes Every Shopify E-commerce Store Must Avoid

Common Mistakes Every Shopify E-commerce Store Must Avoid

With Shopify becoming a very popular e-commerce platform, there are several online stores exist as a result of Shopify development. There are also many e-commerce business owners who are migrating their online stores to Shopify. However, there are a few pitfalls that some people fall into while creating their online site using Shopify. Whether you are a Shopify expert or a novice, you need to avoid these mistakes the same.

Here are some of common Shopify mistakes that every Shopify store owner must avoid –

  • Not Filling Meta Information

There are many e-commerce websites that leave their meta information section empty. This can be a big mistake. The homepage title also needs to be filled meticulously as this title is what shows up in online searches. You can go to Online Store>Preferences and then enter this information. Updating this information will help your SEO efforts a great deal.

  • Forgetting to Optimize Images

Larger image sizes lead to slow loading time for websites. E-Commerce sites generally do contain many images and if they are not optimized for the web, they can have a counter-productive effect on your website. Using ImageOptim, you can optimize your images easily. Always remember to compress images before adding them to your website.

  • High Shipping Costs

A very popular policy that some e-commerce sites use is that they offer free shipping to customers who make purchases over a certain dollar amount. The fact is that no one really likes to pay extra for shipping. Customer psychology will dictate that if they believe that shipping cost can be avoided, they would add more items to the cart. But do not use a rigid business model where you use a flat shipping cost for any amount of sale, websites that do so end up losing a lot of customers.

  • Not Setting up Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that lets you study and analyze the traffic on their websites. I see many questions in Shopify forums where people ask “why my traffic is not converting?” The answer lies in the Google Analytics report. If you don’t integrate your Shopify website with GA, you will miss out important insights about your website’s traffic. Where they come from, which pages they visit, how much time they spend there, where they exit is all the valuable information you will miss out on.

  • Not Valuing Mobile

As per many surveys conducted, e-commerce websites are getting close 50% of traffic from mobile phones. This traffic consists primarily of youngsters that prefer using their smartphones for online purchases. If your Shopify web design was not created keeping mobile experience in mind as a priority, you may end up giving a large chunk of your visitors a less than par experience on your site.


If you really want to capitalize on your Shopify E-Commerce store, avoid these common mistakes. They are easy to sidestep and don’t really cost anything. If you have made these mistakes already, take corrective action and you will start to notice a lot of change in your website’s performance and conversion rate.

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