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E-Commerce Marketing

E-Commerce Online Marketing Approach That Delivers Results

Regardless of whatever category of products you are selling on your e-commerce website, chances are there is already a lot of competition in the market for it. When your potential customers search online for the products you sell, they see many options that pop-up in the search results page of Google and Bing. The question is, how do you stand out of the crowd? The answer is by recognizing e-commerce online marketing strategies that actually work.

However, this brings about its own challenges. There are several strategies out there but not all of them are right for you and not all of them are proven effective. Your online marketing approach needs to incorporate elements of different strategies and create one that has been the most result-oriented. 

E-Commerce Online Marketing Tactics That Work

Well-Defined and Targeted Social Media Marketing

It is no surprise that social media is the number one platform for e-commerce marketing, especially for a few categories. If you sell clothing, jewellery, gadgets and other accessories, social media is the right platform for you. While many companies use SMM, many do not know how to use it effectively. 

The best feature of social media marketing is how well you can define your target audience. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram let you target potential customers based on their gender, age, location, interests, professions, level of education and groups they have joined. Once you have determined what your target audience actually looks like, you can use these targeting options offered by these platforms to market directly to them, thus leading to a better conversion rate.  

Strategic Search Engine Marketing

One of the most effective inbound marketing techniques is PPC. While in social media, you are placing your products in front of potential customers, in PPC, the customers that are actually searching for the products you sell would see your ads in the search results page and visit your e-commerce site. 

The most important thing for your SEM to succeed is finding the right combination of keywords that have the highest search volume in your target area and that have medium to low competition. These metrics are provided to you in the Keyword Planner Tool of Google Ads. 

You must also have a negative keyword list added to make sure you do not lose money due to irrelevant clicks. Having the right keyword mix, proper location targeting, the right ad scheduling and the ad copy that speaks to your customers is the path to SEM success for your e-commerce site. 

Perfect Blend of Technical and Offpage SEO

SEO has so many different components that need attention when you are trying to optimize your e-commerce site for search engines. A complete SEO strategy starts at the level of the inception of the site. From adding keywords in meta tags and creating product schema to generating site maps and adding them to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster, all these steps are crucial for on-page optimization. 

Once your site has all the technical on-page optimization in place, the next focus comes to the link building methods. For any e-commerce site, content marketing is the single most important off-page SEO technique to draw in visitors to your site and get links from other websites in your niche. Through natural link-building through content marketing and getting local citations in case of local e-commerce businesses, your site’s visibility on search engines improves steadily over a period of time.

Partnering with the right Online Marketing Agency

You cannot be expected to handle the workload of running a successful e-commerce store while coming up with online marketing strategies, running campaigns, measuring their ROI and pivoting strategies accordingly all on your own. That is why partnering with an experienced online marketing company can help you increase your business’s reach and revenue. 

At Clap Creative, we understand e-commerce marketing because we understand e-commerce sites. We are not just an e-commerce SEO agency but also an e-commerce web development company. The sites we create are already optimized as per SEO guidelines for better search engine visibility. We have a proven track record of helping our clients grow their customer base using our online marketing techniques. For more information, please contact us today. 

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