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Get Tweets In the Desktop Search Results – Google Helping Twitter To Gain New Traffic

Don’t have a Twitter account, but want to know what Taylor Swift or Bill Gates has just tweeted? Well, knowing the recent tweets of your favorite celebs or world’s business magnates is no more difficult. Just type the name of the celebrity or brand and you will find their tweets right in the Google Desktop search results. Yes, you hear it right.

Recently, Google has announced that they will be showing Twitter content or tweets in the desktop search results. This is a moment of joy for all those English language searchers who are always eager to know what their favorite personalities or brands are up to.

Journey From Mobile To Desktop

In May, Google started displaying the tweets of the renowned brands and celebs within its mobile search results within the US. It was basically the testing phase, to check whether or not Twitter gains new traffic with this feature. Soon in August, Google gave prominent place to tweets in its search results. This feature is live now for all English searchers across the globe. Users can see the tweets in a carousel in the primary column of the search results.

Since, Twitter integration into desktop result is a new concept, the relevancy and ranking of these Twitter results will be improved as the process matures. Currently, it is just simple tweets displayed in the organic search – no advertising component, nothing.

How To Search For People Or Brands on Twitter?

Well, it’s quite simple; just like you do a normal Google search, looking for an online store or Uber cab. Just type the name of the person or brand and you will find the tweets on your desktop. Tweets are displayed in a new and more graphical way so that users can easily identify them. However, it is not necessary that the tweet appears on the top of the page, it can be in the middle of the page as well.

This amazing collaboration of Twitter and Google will offer significant help to both the users and the organizations and people. Where, users will be allowed to get real-time Twitter content on their desktop, organizations and people will get an opportunity to reach out a large bunch of audience at the most relevant moments.

No matter, whether you are a ”non savvy computer person” or someone ”without a Twitter account”, you can now have access to NBA, Taylor Swift or NASA tweets directly from Google. So what are you waiting for, go and follow your idols right away in Google.

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