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How to Make an Effective Landing Page for Generating Leads?

Want to turn traffic into conversions? Just create engaging and effective landing pages. A landing page is a primary mean of lead generation in inbound marketing. It is designed to influence a visitor to carry out a specific action. Landing pages should be carefully designed with conversion in mind.

If you look at your website home page as your landing page, then you are sadly mistaken. Why? Because a homepage is an introduction to your company’s mission, services, products, and it shows a variety of information under one roof. It would be a great intro to your business, but not very effective for eliciting specific traffic looking for a specific service or product.

Remember, when a customer searches for a specific product, it is clear that he is interested in that product. If you take your potential buyer to your home page, you are probably taking him a step backward in the purchase funnel. Providing your buyers with a simple landing page that serves their purpose of purchasing will increase your conversion rates and provide a significant ROI.

Here are a few effective tips to create effective landing pages to generate leads:

Be Simple & Straight

The landing page heading should immediately tell your audience about your services and products. This is the only job of a landing page and it must contribute toward that goal. No fluff, no catchy lines or compelling paragraphs, no links to the homepage. Just simple, but descriptive text and a prominent call-to-action.

Logo Should Be Visible

Your company’s logo should be clear and visible assuring audiences that they are in safe and reliable hands. Your company should be top-of-mind while visitors see or fill up the information on your landing page.

Visuals Should Appeal, Not Distract

Make the landing page as clutter free as possible to avoid any distraction. Use directional cues to highlight the points you want to show to your audiences, like a call-to-action. Play with some colors to lead your visitor’s eyes to the key factor of the page.

Navigation Options Should Be Limited

Too much navigation options will do no good, rather they will distract your audiences and take them elsewhere in your site. Landing pages are meant to generate qualified leads, not just for getting heavy traffic.

Add Social Proof

People understand that companies often brag about themselves, but customers never do. Social proof will allow your potential buyers to see what kind of company you are and whether or not your services are reliable. If possible, list a few partner companies along with testimonies from satisfied customers.

Ask For the Information You Really Need

Always ask for the information that really matters for your business. The form should be short and must ask for only the important details. Consider a few things like whether you really need to have two fields for names or complete street address. You need to make it as convenient as possible for your customers so that they show ”thumbs up” to your offer.

Look Legit

You surely don’t want to look like a phishing scam. That’s why, it is vital to use security seals to assure your visitors that their personal information is safe and secure. You can even try linking your privacy policy. Pay heed to every small thing like layout and design. Avoid using pop-ups.

With an effective landing page, you can grab the attention of a lot of potential customers and turn them into your certified customers. Create, test, modify and deploy your landing pages and see them generating leads and skyrocketing sales.

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