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How Twitter and Instagram Ads Are Going to Transform Every Web Marketer's Job? - Social Media Marketing Los Angeles

How Twitter and Instagram Ads Are Going to Transform Every Web Marketer’s Job?

Not long ago, Google Adwords was the sole best digital advertising platform out there to get to potential audience quickly. But then Bing, Yahoo, Facebook and everybody jumped in to offer marvelous new similar offerings. The latest to join the bandwagon are Twitter and Instagram. Let’s see how they stack up against the giants.

Instagram Ads Now Support Better APIs for more Social Conversion

When it comes to mobile marketing, Instagram is the choice for most marketers. With an ever increasing user base of over 300 million users, it presents a great opportunity. Integration of AMPs with Instagram can now be leveraged for a visually dynamic environment for advertisements.

API Partner Program to be Launched in Late 2015

Audience engagement touches new highs with API Partner program to be launched later this year. Major partners include Kenshoo, 4C, Unified, Brand Networks, Ampush, SocialCode, Nanigans, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It will enable teams to share Instagram information, monitor audiences and publish to video and photo sharing network of Facebook.

Advertisers have long waited to explore the full potential of Instagram independently of Facebook. This new API Partner Program will allow web marketers to use the same Facebook-tested tool on Instagram’s ad campaigns. This will not only bring in new audience but also increase impact of their online marketing campaigns manifold.

Why Twitter Ads Promise So Much More

Now, Twitter has always worked a little differently. And its ads network is no different. Here are some key points about Twitter ads and its advantages:

  1. Increase Advertising Impact down the Follower Line

Twitter ads help you target everyone down the follower’s group by targeting one single user. Everyone following a user will be delivered the ad So, if you get one user right, the rest will just join in as your potential target audience. Since they have same interest, the conversion is will have a compounding effect.

  1. Twitter Keyword Suggestion is more Organic and Effective

Target keywords as per specific tweets and cover a more global audience. Both broad and phrase keyword variations are available. If you are to select keywords, Twitter gives suggestions that are organic terms which users have been discussing or searching. Trending hashtags are a further boost to the marketing campaigns. You can expect more search analogies in case you serve a very specific niche.

  1. Images can have Large Text Body

Some platforms allow you to post images with text but have limit on the amount of text. On the other hand, Twitter does not have such limit. You can post an ad via an image and include as much text as you fee like.

There are numerous other benefits including payment according to new followers, seamless lead generation and use of cards in the ads. All these promise a world of opportunities that can be leveraged only by the skillful web marketer. Nonetheless, these two new platforms are fast emerging as new frontiers for digital advertising.

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