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Voice Search

Importance Of Voice Search – SEO trends In 2019

Talking to your cellphone is a booming trend these days. Either iOS or Android both giving us an experience like farfetched science fiction movie where people talk to their screens, gadgets and much more. The trend of voice searches is in growing pace with recognizable names – Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Google Assistant. As a result, SEO rules also adjusted to meet the needs of this dynamic approach.

With the changing trend of search based on speech, the SEO needs to get ready to turn itself with market swing. But, first of all, let’s see what the voice search is and how it impact over SEO?

What Voice Search is?

Searching through your speech is a new generation voice recognition technology that works with your smartphones or portable devices. Through this technology, a user can speak their queries using digital assistants and get results without typing a single word.

What are the Devices?

Voice Activated Speakers:- As technologies drastically changed, the smart voice-activated speakers are becoming a more common household thing across the globe. Apart from Alexa and Siri, a number of new products like Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod, Google Home have revolutionized the market with its smart speech system.

Smartphones:- Anyone using a smartphone is very much familiar with Hey Siri and OK Google. Where Siri struggled with a majority of accents, Google Assistant is presented with more improved technology and now available in 60+ languages. Google’s speech recognition system is more accurate than ever. No matter if you using iOS or Android, both operating systems are able to understand user’s behavior with available data to help the consumer more effectively.

Computers and Smart Gadgets:- Cortana in Windows 10 is Microsoft’s new power voice search technology in its devices from computers systems to Xbox One. Chrome browser to Google Maps, every new update comes up with the inbuilt voice search feature. The phrase “near me” on Google changed the businesses drastically over the past few years.

Voice Search and Its Impact over SEO

Not only Google, although China’s iFlytek also giving speech recognition system with 98% accuracy. Perfecting the voice search becoming a global movement that means marketers will have to fine-tune their approach with developing trends to optimize voice search as a regular part of the SEO strategy.

Voice search changed the way of SEO is done and how it attracted the traffic to your websites as well as on mobile apps. The trend of search by speech is growing bigger day by day which demands from brands to adopt new plans and strategies to optimize their customer experience to give an edge to competitors.

SEO Strategies to Adopt for Voice Search

Content Quality and Using Long Tail Keywords:- There is a huge difference between the content used for written searches and voice searches. While written search more focused on the phrases and structuring of sentences, speech search is more conversational. People don’t ask voice assistant the same way they type into a search engine. Searching with voice allows us to ask queries more directly to get relevant answers. So, this is where long-tail keywords come in handy instead of short-tail keywords. Voice searches often in the form of questions so to address the specific questions you need high-end content typically to answer what, when, who, where of topics. Beyond this, follow up questions can creatively consider benefiting your ranking in voice search engine page.

Develop an Informal Tone to your Content:- Voice search is often colloquial. It is not as direct as the text search. So, to match up the tone of speaking, content must be generated more informal and conversational. This completely changes the way SEO works with keywords. Thus, replacing phrases with questions make it more familiar to a search query on voice assistant.

Structured Data:- Using structured data enables content to be accessible to search engines. Optimizing the data using Schema Markup also improves SEO. This plays a crucial role to enhance your voice search results.

Local Searches:- The revealing fact is that searches with the phrase “near me” plays a major part to increase the ranking of businesses. The local searches made by people looking places like “SEO Company Los Angeles”, “Best restaurant nearby me” and items around their location enhances the outreach of local SEO. If you run a local business it is more important to optimize your site according to speech search properly.


As voice search continues to rise in use, it impacts the SEO trends and strategies towards gathering search engine results. Your virtual assistant is friendly with your natural language and voice which added a new layer to the search components. This shape the SEO in a new form by creating the needs of websites to appear in the voice search results as well as results in the typed queries.

It might extremely early days for this technology, but the future of voice-based technology has huge potential. Savvy business and brand owners need to be prepared for this new movement where voice devices as a search channel gain revolutionary popularity. It is also predicted that by 2020, statistics will rise 50% of the searches performed via voice.

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