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Latest Trend In Ecommerce

Latest Trends in the World of E-Commerce Web Development

Nowadays, with booming online marketing, e-commerce web development trends are changing so rapidly that it puts technology geeks into a great competition. Every year-end gives us a new trendsetter in this online buying and selling industry. Since the development of the internet, its role in the online purchase market has been immense. This article highlights the new trends in the world of e-commerce.

Let’s start with worldwide online sales, which is predicted to be reached by 27 trillion USD in the year 2020. However, this is not the exact amount, but the day to day growth in the revenue of e-commerce shows that it will reach on this hike. Electronic commerce is a transaction process which logically covers business to consumer operations with the help of internet. In our globally connected world genuine trends in online business, stay longer and emerge for various things.

So, here are some latest e-commerce web development trends that will rise in the coming year:-


Shopping through your smartphones and tablets is known as mobile commerce or more simply, m-commerce. Today, half of the internet traffic is due to the percentage of consumers using mobile devices. It is easier to go through the websites anywhere and anytime on the small device in your hands.

Developers must be careful while creating a new electronic shopping website. They must be aware of the difference between trends and fads. Because fads start and ends like Twitter trends. So, they have to understand the new web design trends that are listed below:-

  • Full-screen forms
  • Microinteractions
  • Cinemagraphs
  • More video content
  • Grid layout

Virtual Assistance:-

Virtual Assistance provides the customer a personalized experience of having interaction with a sales assistant. It allows customers to comment, question, and concerned could be answered on a real-time basis.  These can be AI-powered chatbots or programmed in-person assistant to guide the customers and respond to their queries.  However, the complex queries and issues may be answered by the manager and sales staff.

In this new era of technology, virtual assistant plays a crucial role in the online shopping industry. All the customer related basic queries can be answered by the bots which can be programmed to learn how to respond to various customer questions.

Improved Security For E-Commerce Development:-

Online security is very important these days as the hackers are paid more money in order to steal credit card information and to exploit social accounts. With the increased popularity of e-commerce websites,  it is important for eCommerce players and vendors to authenticate details of its users with one extra password or just enable two-factor authentication.

New improved security features are one of the advanced features of e-commerce web development. Online details and credentials are becoming valuable to customers and for that e-commerce security is very important.

Internet Of Things (IoT):-

From the last five years, with the help of IoT, many e-commerce development companies connect to the various clients around the globe. This helps their websites in increasing the revenue.  In recent research by Mckinsey, it has found that using IoT in eCommerce websites will help in increasing revenue between 410 billion to 1.2 trillion USD by the year 2025.

With IoT, shopping sites can use connected devices for communicating with their customers, tracking their behaviors and sending the new offers and promotions.


Apart from the above-given trends, developers also following one more that is using messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter for better customer service. Trends are changing with the advent of new technologies and software applications. But to more important is to give the customer a better shopping experience and easy one-click purchase. So, businesses and brands are adopting these changing trends of e-commerce web development to stay competitive.

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