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BigCommerce Development

The Benefits of Choosing BigCommerce Platform for your E-Commerce Site

The number of e-commerce companies has grown exponentially over the past decade. Along with it, the number of platforms for developing e-commerce websites has also grown. Among these platforms in BigCommerce. If you are looking to get a new e-commerce website developed, you must be thinking about the various platforms that you can choose. If you have decided on BigCommerce, I can’t really blame you.

BigCommerce offers many benefits to e-commerce site owners that I will discuss below –

Mobile Friendly Platform

Around 50% of all online shoppers use their smartphones for making purchases. If your online store is not responsive and does not work well on smartphones, you will be losing half of your potential customers right there.  BigCommerce platform produces truly responsive websites that work perfectly on mobile devices. There are also features like mobile themes and optimizing the shopping cart for mobile.

Product Syndication

BigCommerce allows you to get more traffic on your website using product syndication and various shopping feeds. BigCommerce easily connects with Shopping feeds like Shopzilla to deliver more traffic to your website. It also connects with Google product searches so you can get relevant traffic directly from there too.

Excellent Support

Once your e-commerce site is functional, you want to have peace of mind about whether it would continue to work properly or face any issues. BigCommerce platform offers 24/7 support for your website so that you do not have to worry about any issues that may arise which would hamper the functioning of your site which would result in losses for you.

Revenue Increasing Features

BigCommerce has several features that can be utilized to enhance the conversion and revenue of your online store. Some of these features are – social media integration, abandoned cart recovery, single page checkout etc. Users can download various other extensions as well when the need arises and can use all the various features to enhance their profitability.

Integration with Multiple sites

BigCommerce allows you integrate your website with several other e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay etc to drive more traffic from these platforms to your site. You can also integrate your e-commerce store with Facebook, the world’s most famous social media platform. This way, you can get the power of Facebook behind your sales and marketing efforts.

Managing Product Returns

BigCommerce offers you a user-friendly inventory management interface that lets you manage product returns with ease. Product returns are a part and parcel of the e-commerce business to having an easy to handle inventory system is obviously an added advantage.

SEO Optimization

SEO can help your e-commerce website gain relevant traffic organically that would convert into buyers. In today’s times, SEO has become an integral part of any e-commerce business. BigCommerce comes with many SEO friendly tools that make performing BigCommerce SEO feel like a breeze.


It is apparent that BigCommerce platform offers many benefits to you, but you need to hire an experienced BigCommerce development company that will handle the entire processes of designing and developing your BigCommerce webstore. Clap Creative is a Los Angeles based web design and development company that excels at e-commerce development using BigCommerce platform. We offer services like BigCommerce store design, BigCommerce development, BigCommerce SEO and more. To know more about our services or to get a quote from us, contact us today.

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