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Top Trends in Magento Development – 2017

Magento is a platform that has dominated the market when we talk about e-commerce website development. Its user friendliness and levels of customization have made Magento the platform of choice for most online store owner for the last several years. In order to stay on top, Magento has to adapt to the current trends in online shopping. Changing user behavior and how they choose to interact with their online stores of choice calls for certain changes in Magento development and design.

Below are the latest trends in Magento development in 2017 –

  1. Focus on Mobile Shopping

With the millennials making most of their online purchases via their handheld devices like tablets or smartphones, the focus is now going to be on developing and designing Magento sites keeping mobile experience in mind as a priority over its desktop version. Apart from creating a responsive website for mobiles, mobile app development for e-commerce will also pick up the pace.

  1. The Influence of Social Commerce

Social media has become a very important aspect of our lives. Social media sharing is all the rage these days and users love to share content on the websites and stores they love. This provides a great business opportunity for e-commerce stores to capitalize on social media. The usage of various social media extensions for better integration with social media will be something every new Magento website will be implementing to make their website and its products more shareable.

  1. Personalized Customer Experience

Giving shoppers personalized experience on their sites is going to be a priority for e-commerce stores. The ever-increasing competition has made personalized shopping not an option that you can give to your customers but a must do activity if you want to stay in business. This, however, is easier said than done.  Magento e-commerce store owners will need to make the most of their website data and analytics to connect their website visitors with the relevant products that will attract them more.

  1. Change in User Interface

In order to generate more traffic and increase sales, user experience and your website’s user interface needs to change with the times. One of the most important factors is going to be the loading speed of your Magento store. Users like to visit those online stores the most that can load the quickest. If your site takes ages to load and has an overcomplicated navigation or menus, you are definitely going to lose customers forever. Some of the ways your e-commerce site can enhance its profits will include – improving website speed, creating simple navigation, easy to manage check-out pages, multiple payment options to name a few.

  1. Magento Security

Magento security is going to be a big differentiating factor between the numerous sites that exist on the internet today. If your visitors do not trust your website, they will never enter their payment information, meaning never make a purchase on your website. You need to present your customers with a secure payment option that will create a sense of trust in them. If your Magento store is facing security issues of incidents of data theft, you need to avail Magento support services to have your website’s security updated.

These above trends need to be followed by both e-commerce business owners and Magento design and development companies to make sure that your Magento stores can compete in today’s online market place and continue to grow your profits.

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