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Top Ways to Improve User Experience with your Web Design

Think of all the effort you put into bringing visitors on to your website. You do all kinds of promotional activities to bring relevant traffic to your site. How would you feel if these visitors instead of taking the desired action, simply exit the site in less than a minute? If you take a good look at your website analytics, some of you may realize that it is already happening to you.

There can be many reasons why the traffic on your website bounces. However, one reason that cannot be ignored is your website’s design. That is why it is important to think of user experience while designing your new website. Even if you have an old website, it is never too late to update your design to make your site user-friendly.

Some of the top ways you can improve your website’s user experience are –

Make It Responsive

This is a tip you would have read before in many of our prior blog posts. However, I cannot emphasize enough on its importance. A responsive website performs perfectly on each and every device, no matter the screen size. Since a large number of website users today choose their smartphones to access websites, a responsive site will always have an edge over the alternative.

Simplicity Is Key

Overcomplicated designs and layouts are out. Visitors today respond more to simple designs. Try to make your site like clean and clutter free. If you are creating a new website, ask your web design company to focus on simple menu and navigation so that your visitors do not get overly confused. The information on your website should be grouped together for ease of access. These should be white spaces that give a clean appearance. Your website’s content strategy also has to be streamlined for the logical availability of information.

A/B Testing with Landing Pages

Sometimes you cannot experiment with your main website. That is where landing pages come in handy. You can create two variations of a landing page and then drive traffic to both of them. You can obtain concrete data on visitor response from these landing pages. You can study the analytics report to see which page has a higher bounce rate and on which page customers spend more time. Once you figure out which page your visitors are responding better to, and which elements of the page appeal to them more, it can be incorporated into the main website.

Usage of Long Form Content

Users always appreciate in-depth information about any subject. Whether they are informative articles, how-to guides, DIY tips, and resources etc. If we talk about Google’s search engine algorithm, it loves long content and ranks such content higher. So, it is clear that using long content on your website will not only help your visitors but you as well.

The Human Touch

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next big thing in technology these days. One example of this technology is bots. Bots are being used by companies for automated responses to chat queries or social media queries. However, there are times when the human touch is needed by your visitors. Although this point is not part of the website design, a human being responding to the chat queries of visitors will have a better impact on the minds of the customers and provide better customer service.

These above methods once implemented properly with the help of a good web design company like Clap Creative will ensure more engagement by your visitors and reduced bounce rate. We create attractive and responsive web design services that help you make the most of your website. Get a free quote from us today.

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