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What is LinkedIn sales navigator, How to use its benefits?

What is LinkedIn sales navigator, How to use its benefits?

Sales and marketing has been the holy grail of the digital marketing industry today. With this as background, the question is whether LinkedIn sales navigator has all the benefits it promises to offer? With a mountain of data worth gold lurking in LinkedIn, it sure promises an enormous marketing potential.

What is it and how does it Work?

Sales Navigator is a great weapon for those looking for potential prospects for their products on the LinkedIn platform. LinkedIn user community is very diverse and if targeted right, it can deliver the right results. The company aims to connect sales representatives with better prospects through their productive Sales Navigator tool having social selling at its very heart.

It is a paid service that gives you access to the relative user data as per your product.

Benefits of Sales Navigator

  • Automated Lead Suggestions – The platform gives you the best suggestions according to the search criteria. This helps immensely in the overall sales efforts. The company is constantly upgrading the suggestions algorithms to ensure the best prospects are filtered out and delivered to the users.
  • Standalone Product – Sales Navigator can be accessed through the regular LinkedIn account. However, it is also offered as a dedicated service with its very own separate login for a special sales experience. So, you can skip the normal fuss of LinkedIn and get started with the true sales aspect of the entire service.
  • InMail Messages – What if you don’t know the prospects or not connected to them already? There’s a way out now. You can search the LinkedIn network deeper and better with this tool and a premium account.
  • Merge Salesforce Contacts – Users can import the current contacts from their Salesforce account. They can be used to better search the existing database of users and find potential prospects. Microsoft Dynamics can also be integrated in Sales Navigator. It is so much better than cold calling with the potential to use your entire contact itinerary.
  • Connect a Template – Wish to interact with a large list of contacts? You can use a template and send it to the list with a customized message. Changes can be made to the template and the users still experience personalized messages that certainly helps in the marketing efforts.
  • Premium Profile Options – Social selling is the core foundation of the premium option. When you go premium, you have access to a wide range of premium features that help in the overall marketing efforts. Background images and premium large head shots are some benefits you avail.

Yes, it’s a premium offering with prices starting at $79.99 per month. However, the benefits far outweigh the cons since you get access to one of the best user database in the world along with a host of other sales and marketing tools.

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