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Mobile App Development

Why Creating a User Centric Design is Important in Mobile App Development

Mobile applications are created by businesses to keep their customers engaged with their brand exclusively. The whole concept behind these apps is that when a user visits your business’s website, he or she might also open a new window and check out your competitor’s website. When that user is on your App, he remains in that app and cannot access any other website. They remain immersed in your application.

Because of this reason, there are so many applications that are present in Google’s play store. Each day new apps are added and the competition to remain popular with the fan base is also very tough. To stay ahead of the competition, you need to focus on a customer-centric design for your mobile application development.

The most important thing that one should keep in mind while developing a mobile application is the user’s point of view. If the user faces any challenge operating the app or navigating through its menu, they will uninstall your app in a heartbeat. Below are some of the steps you can follow in creating a user-centric design for your mobile app –

  • Put yourself in user’s shoes

By this, I mean that you must think from the point of view of your target user. Do a little research about your key demographics and if possible even do a small survey to know what they expect from a mobile application. Then, implement that knowledge into your app design.

  • Test the app for glitches

When you download an app on your phone, the last thing you want is for that app to keep on crashing or cause your device to freeze up. Therefore, before the app is released, it must be tested extensively for all possible bugs. Remember that users are very fickle and if they have a negative experience with your app once, they will not give it a second chance.

  • Cater the right features

Due to the high competition in mobile applications, each year a new batch of applications of every category are released with their new and updated features. To remain relevant, make sure that you are adding latest features in your app that will give your app that added value in the eyes of the users. It will also make your app seem more cutting edge.

  • Timely updates

An important aspect of mobile applications is timely updates. Think about some of the favorite apps you use. They all come out with new updates and new versions at least twice in the year. You need to follow the same footsteps and ensure that you come up with an update at least once a year so that any bugs reported in the app are taken care of with the new updates and new engaging features are added.

Creating a user-centric application is great but you need to get the word out about your application. Online marketing is required to get your target users to know about the app and to get it downloaded onto their devices.  To make your app a success, one step is making it customer-centric and the other is making it popular.

Hiring a good mobile app development company can take care of both these requirements. Clap Creative offers mobile app development services that help you create the perfect application for your business that takes care of your customer’s needs. We create applications for Android, iPhone/iPad and using PhoneGap platform. To know more about services, contact us today.

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