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Essential E-Commerce Features

20 Must Have Essential Features for Your E-Commerce Store

Have you ever wondered why some e-commerce sites barely scrape the surface while others generate high revenues month after month? Is there some secret recipe for their success that only they know about? Well, as the saying goes, “Winners don’t do different things, they just do things differently”. For e.g. they start with covering up their fundamentals such as UX driven design, fast and reliable hosting, SSL certificate etc. Next, they focus on features that make your website easy, fast, secure and visually appealing.

But I understand you have a lot going up your sleeves and doesn’t have much time for exploring these issues. Don’t worry though, you are not alone in this. Here I have covered 20 such features to boost the sales of your online store. You can either try these if you are more of a DIY person or can take the help of any E-Commerce Web Development company to help you deal with the issue. Let’s move on-

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  • Domain Name

Domain name is your unique identity that protects copyrights, trademarks, build credibility etc. so always aim for a domain name that’s easy to read and remember.

  • Logo

Lay special emphasis while creating your business logo as it will serve as the chief visual component of your company’s overall brand identity

  • Tagline

Create a rock-solid tagline that represents the vision and mission of your business and encompasses everything from your business image to the summery of your benefits to the help it provides in recalling your brand.

  • Call-To-Action

Insert a clear call-to-action button that helps to direct your reader’s attention from decision fatigue and confusion to the meaningful content based on your needs.

  • Navigation

Providing an easy-to-use navigation is one of the safest ways to ensure that your customers don’t get confused while surfing your site by providing the most descriptive path to your products and services.

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  • Image Slider

Telling your story with sliders instead of displaying one image after the other randomly is one of the most popular visual display modes in web design today which not only give a professional look but also helps in grabbing your visitors’ attention.

  • Reviews/Testimonials

The benefits of providing reviews and testimonial options are many, it helps build trust with your visitors as well as allow you lots of media attention which will eventually lead to an increase in SEO rankings.

Below the Fold

  • Content

Providing high-value content will help you generate more sales apart from providing value and enhancing usability. Magento E-Commerce Development software offers special plugins just for the sake of developing a strong content strategy.

  • Features

Always include the main features of your products and services as it helps in distinguishing characteristics in order to boost its appeal to potential buyers.

  • Links

Build clear and visible high-quality links that will help visitors circumvent your website’s inner pages with ease.


  • Live Chat Feature

Offering your customers, a live-chat option is of great value to your site as it facilitates instant communication to help them through whatever stage they are having trouble with.

  • Social Media

Adding social media links at the bottom of your main page will offer your site visitors an option to better understand your business via social media channels.

  • Contact Information

Providing contact information at the bottom is essential as it proves the authenticity of your business as well as let your visitors contact you whenever need be.


  • About Us

You may not know but ‘About Us’ is one of the most visited pages of your site. Use it efficiently to present your brand’s story to your audience in a compelling way.

  • Contact Form

Including a contact form page is also an important feature that lets your visitors know when to expect a response to their query.

  • Privacy Policy

The main purpose of this page is to let your customers know that you collect, use and share the information provided by them.

  • FAQ

Now, the FAQ section is a must as it’s the prime go-to destination for customers that have any specific questions regarding the products or operations of your business.


  • Search Bar

In the blog section, a search bar greatly helps your visitors to narrow down the information they are seeking, do not forget to add this feature.

  • Comment Section

A comment section in your blog has many benefits, including improved visibility, helps in establishing credibility, increased user engagement etc.

  • Share Feature

Allowing your audience with an option to share your articles is the next best thing you can do to promote your site in the social media realm.

A Tip: use WordPress Web Design Services to unleash the full potential of your blogging feature.


Running a successful e-commerce store requires effectively handling its back-end features way more than just managing the front-end ones. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your shopping portal is kept up-to-date in order to keep your customers engaged. How? By thinking two steps ahead of your competitors and making it a regular habit to install fresh, customized and user-friendly features.

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