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BigCommerce Plugin

2018’s Highlight: BigCommerce Plugin for Your WordPress Site

When it comes to seeking solutions for e-commerce websites, both BigCommerce and WordPress offer completely different services. The key here is to understand which platform will work best for you depending on your expectations from your business. For example, WordPress offers the best option if you plan to build your online store on the foundations of blog posts and other content marketing whereas BigCommerce becomes a better choice when you rely on plenty of external marketing for running your e-commerce store.

Summing together, where one offers the world’s most popular content management system, other excels with the world’s best cloud commerce solution and by somehow linking the two platforms in their respective menus, you will not only gain the ability to build and manage e-commerce experiences directly on the WordPress but also be able to improve storefronts performances and streamline e-commerce management tasks as well.

Though you can manage both these platforms side by side the biggest hurdle you will face is having to handle both the sites from different administrative dashboards, not to mention the hassles of hosting both the elements on separate domains as well. The solution? A BigCommerce WordPress plugin that will assist millions of merchants to grow and customize their store like never before. How? by combining the robust e-commerce engine of BigCommerce with the flexibility of the WordPress platform.

Diving further in, let’s look at some of the benefits the integration of this new BigCommerce WordPress plugin will bring to your e-commerce business. First of all, without ever compromising site content or user experience, you will get complete access to all the industry-leading e-commerce capabilities necessary to grow a successful online business.

Secondly, you can quickly and easily scale the functionality of your e-commerce store up and down according to the market needs along with enjoying the overall experience that is not impeded by back-end bloat once you transfer the commerce elements from WordPress to BigCommerce admin.

Thirdly, web developers with the help of BigCommerce’s large robust ecosystem of apps along with its sizable catalog of fully integrated shipping and payment methods can easily incorporate end-to-end e-commerce capabilities in your WordPress site order to build an e-commerce store that is custom tailored to your business needs.

And last but not the least, installing the BigCommerce WordPress plugin to your WordPress site will guarantee a secure and PCI compliant checkout process which will further enable you to deliver a high-quality website experience to your users without ever having to worry about maintaining PCI compliance.

At Clap Creative, our expert team of BigCommerce developers highly recommend this plugin. Since it’s very easy to install and costs just a meager amount. All-in-all, installing this plugin is nothing but a win-win situation for your e-commerce store.

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