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5 Things Keep Your E-Commerce Site in Shape with Magento Maintenance Services - Clap Creative Los Angeles

5 Things Keep Your E-Commerce Site in Shape with Magento Support and Maintenance Services

Whether you sell your products completely online or you also have a brick and mortar store along with your website, your e-commerce site is like the life blood of your business. Its health and smooth functioning are necessary for a constant growth of your business by offering your customers a flawless and simple platform for making their purchases. Any tiny glitch on the site can result in negative customer experience and cart abandonment. You may even lose those customers forever. To protect your e-commerce site from such occurrence, you need Magento Support and maintenance services.

It can be difficult to manage your website when you have traffic pouring in along with growing number of orders. As a store owner, you have other things on your plate like generating sales and fulfilling orders. You cannot be expected to deal with the hassles of maintaining your e-commerce website on your own. With professional Magento support, you can let the experts work on your website, thus resulting in better conversion rates.

The following are some of the benefits or advantages of availing Magento Support and Maintenance Services –

1 – Optimization of site performance

If your Magento based e-commerce site has been running for some time, there is a chance that its speed can get affected by certain inefficient codes. A Magento support expert can provide top codes to help optimize your site and improve the performance by reducing the load time of your pages. Server configuration can also help boost traffic and ensure that site does not crash when it has excessive traffic.

2 – Providing you with necessary training

As a store owner, you need to know about proper guidelines to follow to keep your site running smoothly. A Magento support company will train you so that you can handle the day to day working of your site and can also make minor updates yourself like updating images, adding new products, changing product pricing etc.

3 – Technical support

This is the main role of a Magento Support and Maintenance Services. There can be various major or minor that bugs that can fiddle with the proper functioning of your site. This reduces the number of site crashes and decreases cart abandonment. This support can also include making modifications to the appearance of the site.

4 – Installing Updates

Magento Support and Maintenance Services help you change the look and feel of your site by installing new attractive themes. If your website is running on an older version of Magento, that can be updated as well. They also install or remove extensions as per requirement. Some Magento maintenance service providers can also offer additional services like SEO and Paid online marketing as well.

5 – Maintaining Security

Magento Support and Maintenance Services also keeps your site protected against harmful malware and hacking. They also help retrieve hacked websites. Periodic scans and 24/7 monitoring are provided for the protection of your website. Installation of security patches is also done to keep the security of your website up to date.


Magento e-commerce sites are complicated and need regular checks to ensure their good health. You need to avail the services of a company that has expert Magento developers that help maintain your site regularly. Clap Creative helps its clients maintain their e-commerce sites and optimize their performance, resulting in improvement of conversion rates and reduced downtime. For more information about our Magento Support and Maintenance Services, you can contact us for a quote today or get to know about our magento services and maintenance plans here.

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