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6 Ultimate Website Auditing Tools for Effective Analysis

Today, every small- and large-scale business is focusing on making their presence online. And to fulfil every requirement to stand out as a unique product or brand, it is essential to know about your strengths and weaknesses. Similarly, it goes with the website which is the face of your brand. It needs plenty of time to discover the pages, or content which is doing good, the things that need improvement and attention to strengthen its search ranking. Website auditing demands a keen eye to the details which will cause an expansion of your brand’s website.

Why is website auditing needed?

There could be several reasons behind implementing the need for website auditing like:

  • Search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing keep on updating their algorithms, so your business has to be aware of these changes to present or adjust the content accordingly.
  •  The content present on your website should not be outdated. It is vital that you not only provide fresh but unique and relevant content to the website so that search engines have reason to draw attention towards it. If there is no or less traffic on your website in 6 months, it is time to re-test the content or get rid of it.
  • Websites should not have an error message or broken links, or that will expose these errors during auditing will lead you to redirect them and recover lost traffic.
  • Website auditing is not limited to the sites you own, with certain auditing tools you can even check your competitor’s website and understand their keywords, backlinks, strategy, etc.

There are numerous tools available in the online market that make auditing much easier. Audit tools can help you identify the problems with your website. However, it is essential to note that using website auditing tools alone will not help you identify the problems in your system. Are you thinking about Google for searching the best website auditing tools? Don’t worry! Here is the list of the best website auditing tools that we have compiled for you to utilize and implement. Let’s get started.


With Ahrefs site audit, when you see an issue unclear to you, you can check Ahrefs’ dashboard to understand what’s wrong and how to make it right. The aspect that makes the site more convenient than it is a cloud-based tool and not a software to install. With insights gained through Ahrefs, you can identify the traffic which might have better chances to rank and get shares.


WooRank is a great website auditing tool to perfect your digital marketing strategy and increase online visibility.  It is the best option if you want to work on your website’s SEO, research keyword opportunities. The elements included in this website auditing tool are keyword identification and tracking, competitor analysis, individual page analysis and much more. It offers API integration for larger products.

HubSpot’s Website Grader

A free website performance and SEO audit tool that generates personalized reports to analyze your page’s site, speed, and key SEO metrics. With actionable insights, you can improve a website’s performance to drive more traffic.

Moz Pro

Moz Pro has been a reliable site audit tool for digital professionals. It provides the essential information you need to optimize your website like a Crawl Test to analyze your site and deliver a detailed report directly to your email.


Another long-time veteran of the website optimization world is SEMrush. This tool is a consumer-facing product, thanks to its useful UX design features. It is extensively used to track the organic keywords, competitor research, backlinks, PPC keywords of the competitors.

Raven Tools

Raven Tools is the best option to get quality reports with all technical SEO issues and recommendations. With this tool, you can get all the suggestions related to site page speed, social media reputation, backlinks and online reputation management (ORM). This tool is easy to use and helps you easily sort through the most important information with customizable widgets.

Wrapping up

To avoid any weaknesses or difficulties in your website, you need to analyze and declutter the things. Site auditing tools bring out the issues and clarify what needs to be done for improvement. With regular monitoring and enhanced performance, the importance of website auditing should not be ignored. So, if you are planning to maximize your search results and need maintenance for your site, get in touch with the companies providing excellent SEO optimization services. We at Clap Creative provide WordPress SEO optimization and SEO services across Los Angeles to keep businesses set and run their website smoothly

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