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7 Reasons to Use Ruby on Rails for Your Start-Up

If we listen closely, why is there so much buzz regarding startups using Ruby on Rails? Though it may be assessable, is this platform really advanced enough to merit the faith in it serving as the coding language of choice for start-ups?

We can say, right off the bat, that Ruby on Rails startup-friendliness, which is often considered as the most important feature of this framework, isn’t its most prominent one. Ruby on Rails or RoR has proven its worth over time due to its flexibility and universality of nature, for a number of organizations be it start-ups or non-commercial organizations or even multi-billion corporations. Let us understand what exactly is RoR framework,

Ruby on Rails is an advanced multi-level framework that provides an open-source solution (written in Ruby programming language and based on MVC or Model-view-Controller architecture) which is primarily used for the development of web applications that employ databases along with integrating web apps integration with a web server/database server. Ultimately, the infrastructure of RoR provides a developmental environment for different types of web apps such as digital business, community support, statistics, collaborative work organization etc.

RoR has recently turned out to be an enormous online community to provide helpful advice and troubleshooting tips, all thanks to it having conquered a considerable market share along with the hearts of many coders and programmers that are constantly on the lookout for upgrading their development skills.

In simple words, RoR has proved to be a flexible, well supported and start-up friendly framework. Moving on, let’s get acquainted with some major benefits of using Ruby on Rails for your business and also try to understand,

Why are start-ups so hung on linking with Ruby on Rails?

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  • Easy Learning Curve

Because of the simple use of English-like syntax and common language, RoR is much easier to learn than most other programming languages. Its coding is quite readable which makes it almost self-documenting and further avoids the time-consuming task of writing out separate comments or help text.

  • Cost-Effective

Since RoR is an open source network, you won’t have to spend a single dollar on its framework to create awesome web applications. Moreover, its “convention over configuration” approach also helps save ample amount of money. Also, when you consider the expenses of obtaining license fees for the usual languages, you will realize why most startup companies prefer Ruby on Rails.

  • It doesn’t Burn Time Up

Another important reason why startups love RoR is its efficiency in handling development time. RoR presents hundreds of ready-made plugins and modules that allows your developers to start building applications without the need to rewrite basic and repetitive codes.

  • A Secure Network

RoR emphasizes strict security measures in all its features that are already built and installed in the framework and activated by default. While using Ruby on Rails, you follow the Secure Development Lifecycle which provides a total and complete security solution for your project. Also, the RoR community tests and ensure the security of every update, plugin and application.

  • Better Scalability Options

The major goal of any application is to gain traction in order to attract as many visitors as possible. Ruby on Rails uses the RESTful (Representational State Transfer) architecture in order to make that transition seamless whenever your business needs active and consistent interaction with the rest of the world.

  • Easy Maintenance and Support

The RoR development community has created an effective solution by combining the benefits of both Ruby and Rails. And let’s not forget the RubyGems which is RoR’s very own Ruby Gem community hosting service. The synergy of useful communities and robust infrastructure has made Ruby on Rails one of the best-supported frameworks for startups.

  • E-Commerce Friendly

Today, e-commerce is the pioneer of most modern-day startups. With Ruby on Rails on your side, opportunities for featuring chat applications, maintaining a strong database and integrating complex web applications increases very much. All these features make it extremely e-commerce friendly.


Ask yourself again, why should you use Ruby on Rails? Is it because of its suitability for both ultra-modern public websites that can easily compete with Single Page JavaScript applications or because of its complex enterprise core system applications that may look uglier but can effectively compensate with lots of complicated business logic and rules. Well, the real reason is because of its versatility and being able to compete with both the sleek and the powerful.

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