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Digital Experience in E-Commerce

Gaining Edge in E-Commerce Sector through Digital Experience

As it has been mentioned several times by me, the e-commerce sector is a highly competitive one. It is one where you must capture the attention and the trust of your visitors from the very get-go to be able to stay alive in. You may have already read many articles about how your e-commerce business can gain an edge over your competitors. One thing that might have been missed is how important digital experience is for your business. That is what we will be discussing in this particular post.

There are certain methods that can be implemented in order to enhance the digital experience of your website’s visitors or your prospect customers. Here are some the key things to put under consideration –

Awesome Multi-Channel Experience

There was a time long ago when the digital experience was only limited to the computer screens. That has not been the case for many years now. Your website must be ready to offer customers the best experience on every single device and screen size. The transition a customer has to make between a desktop and a smartphone has to be smooth and seamless. This goes beyond making a site responsive. It is about putting yourself in the user’s shoes. The familiarity with the brand must not change nor should the customer have to enter their already submitted details again when they change devices.

Go for the Personal Touch

Personalization is another way to enhance the customer’s digital experience. It does not just mean that you should have the customer’s name mentioned on the checkout page or on the website’s header. It means to truly offer them a personalized and customized shopping experience. At every step, your customer should see product recommendations that are tailor-made just for them. When customers will see products that they actually are interested in, it will also help increase the conversion rate for your online store.

Different Approach for Different Users

Even if you have personalized your e-commerce site for visitors, a one size fits all approach will not work. There needs to be diversification in the experience that different customers have. For example, a first-time visitor on the site and a returning buyer must see different welcome messages. As for those customers that abandon their carts, they should get a customized message reminding them of the products they still have in their carts.

Implementing Technologies to Improve Experience

In order to achieve all the above-mentioned changes, there need to be certain technologies implemented during the e-commerce development stage of your websites. These technologies can include plugins, CRM integration, Interfaces, visitor analytics tools etc. With the appropriate use of the right technology, the transformation of the digital experience for customers can be enabled. Webstore owners need to identify and partner with the right e-commerce development companies that have the necessary tools for this purpose.

It is high time for online stores to think beyond their products and web designs. They need to wake up to the fact that their competitors are now competing on a whole different front where providing customers with an enhanced and personalized digital experience. Just having the knowledge of what to do will not be enough, having the tools and the know-how is what that is needed.

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