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How your Tweets Help in SEO, Google Introduces Tweets to SERPs

So, it’s official!. Google will now display Tweets in SERPs for the search engine’s results. This once again gives credibility to the fact that search engines are deeply in love with Twitter. These were already showing in certain search results like where content is well shared or liked. But this official notification will set the tongues wagging in SEO world.

How your Tweets Help in SEO, Google Introduces Tweets to SERPs

Raw tweets are now showing prominently in the search results. Most of these are primarily from authority Twitter users. The most popular posts are now attached with the searches. Businesses can certainly use this facet in their online campaigns.

Pages Are Now Ranked on Facts

Knowledge-Based Trust (KBT) is a far more superior method for SERPs. The quality of pages is determined on the basis of accuracy instead of just links. The facts about a certain topic will be compared, tweets included, and relevant results are compiled. Webpages deemed factually correct are more likely to be displayed higher in the search results. When used in tandem with traditional search methodology, this method is likely to deliver more accurate results.

Up to the Minute News & Updates

Inclusion of Tweets in the searches will also help Google deliver real time news and updates. The idea here is to provide the users with live updates in the Twitter world and track a topic in real time. This not only updates the users better but also delivers news best related to a context. Conversations have a relative effect on the news since news can be manipulated but the tweets show the real world’s perspective in a more organic way.

Better Content that Stimulates Search Results

Twitter now offers more control over the content to its users, creating a huge wave of trust from its users. This helps stimulate the social content and drive further sharing of the content. New audience’s viewpoints can be better integrated into the search results. To increase its user base, Twitter has purchased ZipDial. Now, it has more than 248 million users.

No More Twitter Crawling – Faster Access to Tweets

As social content is now readily put into the SERPs, the lines between traditional content and social content is blending. The inclusion of tweets now shows that other social content will soon find its way onto the search engine’s radar. Added visibility of the tweets will lead to integration of other channels of social media with the Google’s algorithm.

It is vital to note that social and search are not that different from each other. Facebook’s Graph is a perfect example of how social search can be highly influential in building online brands. In the near future, the distinction between these two channels will dissolve further. Also, this agreement between Twitter and Google will further help cement the relationship these two brands share. In the end, it will be search marketers who will benefit the most with this strategic partnership and is bound to change the way users interact with each other in the digital social sphere.

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