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Introducing Keyword Explorer tool by MOZ - ClapCreative

Introducing Keyword Explorer tool by MOZ

Keywords, hmm, the holy grail of online marketing! To go with them or not, is a complex matter even for the experienced marketers. But the truth is that whether its paid search campaigns or in-house content optimization, keywords are critical for your success. They work everywhere from social media to site visitors.

Keyword search is by and large a manual process although some tools are available. Mostly, it is the human perspective that counts in the end. So, it is time consuming. Tools like Google Keyword Planner and SEMRush are good in their own sense. Now, MOZ has jumped on the bandwagon and launched its very own Keyword Explorer Tool. Here is complete low down on what it is and should you go ahead and use it.


MOZ is known for its insights into the actionable SEO. So, their Keyword Explorer tool carries high expectations. Here, they have created a tool that gives valuable suggestions to users backed by actionable data. As per “Rand Fishkin”, this tool gives you a holistic approach to keyword finding process right from keyword discovery, list building and prioritizing keywords as per campaigns.

Keyword Suggestions

Preliminary keyword suggestions can generate hundreds of keywords which you can categorize as per relevance, volume or topic. Keyword filtering process is easy and you just have to simply your search further using filters.

SERP Analysis

Keyword Explorer Tool provides comprehensive SERP analysis. You can check the volume as per monthly searches, opportunity levels and difficulty level of a keyword. Users also get potential score of a keyword that reflects the potential results or return-on-investment for a particular keyword. This section is an awesome in a way that you can have a fairly good idea whether or not a keyword will support your campaign. Competitor research is also well founded when you back the SERP analysis with solid data from KWE.

KWE Suggestions

Keyword Suggestions originate from other fellow tools like Google Suggest, Keyword Planner data etc. and can be categorized in KWE suggestions. This makes it a wholesome tool that serves multiple purposes. Exporting and importing keyword lists is another area this tool leads. User can upload their current list of keywords and simply check them against a set of pre determined metrics like difficulty, volume and relevance. Built with power users in mind, this tool is ideal to explore your keyword’s real world performance figures.

The Verdict

Moz Pro subscribers can access this tool right away. Standalone subscription to this tool can be had in two various levels starting from $600 per year and $1,800 per year. 2 daily free searches are available to any visitor.

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