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Magento E-Commerce Development Tips for Better Store Performance

There is a lot of competition online between different Magento based e-commerce stores. In this highly competitive marketplace, online store owners will do anything to gain a competitive edge over their competition. However, most people do not know that the key to gaining an advantage over your peers is hidden in your Magento e-commerce development techniques. By incorporating certain things into your website at the point of development or even after it, you can enhance your store’s profitability.

In this blog post, I will be discussing certain tips that can prove to be highly useful for every Magento webstore. Here they are –

  1. Make the site SEO friendly

SEO is what helps websites get recognized online and draw in traffic. This traffic later converts into buyers and increases your business’s revenues. From the initial phase of developing a website, you must ensure it is SEO friendly, meaning as per the SEO guidelines set by Google itself. In this scenario, hiring a Magento developer with SEO knowledge will be an added advantage.

One of the things that are the most important for ranking well through SEO is the website’s loading speed. A website that loads faster will rank better in terms of Google’s algorithm.

  1. Easy Sign-Up Process

If your website does not allow users to buy products without signing up, you need to make sure that the sign-up process is not overly complicated. There should be ideally no more than two or three steps in the entire process. Any more than that and your customers may rethink their decision to buy the product from you. The truth is that no one likes a long and tiring sign up process.

By taking care of this one little thing at the time of Magento development, you can help yourself convert visitors into customers.

  1. Local Currency Option

If you cater to international audiences and sell your products to more than one country, it will be better to have your website automatically adjust the currency as per the visitor’s location. When customers visit your website and see foreign prices, it can be very off-putting. To make sure that you do not lose these customers to a local competitor, they must be able to view the prices of all the products in their own local currencies.

  1. Improved Shopping Cart Experience

The shopping cart experience is so crucial to the success of your Magento store that I cannot stress on it enough. If the visitors go through your entire site, add products to cart and everything goes perfectly, it can all be for nothing if they have a negative experience with your shopping cart. The best thing is to use a subscription-based and fully hosted shopping cart services by Magento.

A simple to use shopping cart that gives a clear description of the products and their individual and total price will help you convert customers easily and avoiding any cart abandonment.

  1. Using the Power of Social Media

Social media is a very effective tool for increasing the popularity of your website. If used smartly, it can help you with your online marketing efforts. Embed social media sharing plugins in your Magento site that will allow visitors to share various products online on their favorite social media platforms.  When users share your products online with their friends, it ensures increased traffic on that page and increased sales as well.

By following these simple but effective Magento e-commerce development techniques, you will not only gain competitive edge but also see an increase in your website’s conversion rates. To hire Magento developers that can utilize these and many more methods to enhance your site’s productivity, contact Clap Creative for a free quote today.

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