Magento Updates

Staying up to date with Magento version is of great importance as it assists you against security vulnerabilities, several bug fixes, new features and functionality which is released by magento every few months/weeks.

Why Magento upgrade is important?

There are new Magento updates that get released year on year. If these updates are not installed, your website can end up missing out on some new functionality and security patches. Our Magento Support and Maintenance services help install new updates of the extensions or themes installed on your magento website with expertise so that there is no down time on the live site.

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We make sure that there is no downtime when we upgrade your magento store
and the following are the steps taken in order to do so
Clone Existing Magento Store - Magento Updates
Clone Existing Magento Store

We clone your existing magento store on our servers so that you current store is not effected by any means.

Analyze - Magento Updates

An expert team of our magento developers analyze the cloned store on our server and check for possible issue that might arise, at this stage we can let you know if there are any hindrances that might stop magento from getting updated and possible solutions to them.

Upgrade - Magento Updates

Magento is upgraded on our server under the technical guidance of our expert magento developers.

Testing And Bug Fixing - Magento Updates
Testing And Bug Fixing

The newly upgraded magento is fully tested and any issues that might arise during the upgrade are fixed during this phase.

Pushed Live - Magento Updates
Pushed Live

We sync the orders/customers database with the new upgraded magento and then proceed to push the upgraded magento on the live server. Thus, preserving all new data that might have come during the up gradation time.

If you are looking to update your magento website,
contact us to know about our magento support and maintenance services.

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