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iOS App Development

New Trends in iOS App Development – Keep Yourself Updated

In the cutting edge tech trendsetter world, iOS app development solutions are ready to offer a new scenario to give users a real-time experience with technology. These recent technological advancements with new processing, AI power and graphics is a buzz in iOS mobile app development.

Apple’s iOS is the most advanced app development platform with reinventing and rebuilding everything to make the best products be it a device or software. It’s continuous focus on new concepts helps developers bring the next generation mobile apps with desired features.

Check the new trends in iOS app development:-

SIRI, the AI personal assistant:-

Combination of AI with virtual assistant Siri is a new technological hot potato. This is the main reason why people switching to the iOS instead of Android. Undoubtedly, the developers explore a lot to introduce a Sirikit with endless features. Users can access from the lock screen and hands-free mode. This integration is possible for WatchOS apps as well just using voice.

Siri intelligently suggests the app shortcuts for performing relevant actions. This virtual friend can understand the request given by Homepod and send these to the iOS device. The development of Siri make developers as well as users crazy for iOS.

Apple Pay:-

Mobile wallet has become the norm in this new tech age. Apple Pay changes the whole perspective of cardless payments on iPhone and iPad. This digital wallet is secure and gains popularity across countries.

Apple Pay can be used for a variety of money transactions from food ordering to online shopping. The best thing about this feature is secure in all ways. The user doesn’t need to save any card details to this wallet.

IoT and Wearable Gadgets:-

The HomeKit is Apple’s highly secured IoT ecosystem which helps developers to easily connect with all devices through the internet. This is the next logical step in the home automation with a voice command of Siri.

Internet of Things will help developers to develop smart home and office devices. One can operate the new aged wearable gadgets with ease, share information and commands, switch off devices on just voice notes.

Sensible App security:-

In this cut-throat tech competition, user’s personal data security is the most sensible part of any application development. For Apple, this is the mandatory aspect while releasing an update, so that hackers do not misuse someone’s data. Keeping in the mind the sensibility of user’s security, the expertise made ATS (App Transport Security) mandatory for every newly published iOS application.

The apps run on iPhone or iPad is strictly permitted to read and write files only inside a virtual glass case. This gives the apps only one channel to interact and any attempt to access data from outside is rejected. All these are the in-built features of iPhone and updated with the new age cyber threads.

The Power of AR/VR and 3D:-

In the list of latest iOS development trends, the ARKit 2 is the next generation reality app development platform in the 12th edition of iOS. From improved face tracking to support for 3D object detection, thus enabling a multi-user AR experience.

With ARKit 2 developers are enabled to build multilayer games and simulations plus a user can create a piece of art that can be viewed by another person from the same place. These amazing advancements are breaking boundaries and making a stimulating environment for iOS app development.

Swift 5 Updates:-

Out of top programming languages, Swift continuously growing and gives iOS developers a new platform. With a number of advantages such as simplicity, scalability, and safety, this coding language is praised and becomes an easy language for writing native iOS or Mac OS apps.

The new updated version Swift 5 will release shortly giving developers more opportunities for iOS app development.

Core Machine Learning (CoreML):-

Machine learning in the chips is a true game changer in the mobile app development. The ML is a science of using statistical techniques to make system learn about user and data. Apple launched CoreML, used to build apps across Apple devices. Such type of framework can create fast and highly responsive apps in comparison to general iOS.

CoreML 2 also covers script identification, parts of speech tagging, lemmatization, and deploying custom natural language models. Plus this framework is used to analyze natural language text and also deducting language specific meta-data.


Trends in the tech world change so quickly. Since mobile applications came into existence to today’s mainstream necessity for everyday life, developers need to stay tuned with the latest updates. If you are looking for the best iOS app developers then you need to hire up to date technical company to accomplish this task. So, do not let behind and keep checking the new trends to stay up-to-date.

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