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Protect Your Webstore with Our Magento Security Service

Magento is one of the most preferred platforms for creating a successful e-commerce website. In order to keep your Magento site safe and secure, you need to maintain proper Magento security and backup protocols by choosing a Magento Security Service.

Why should you choose our Magento Security Service?

Our recent success story with our valuable client Cloud Vapes says a lot.

CloudVapes is a 14 time best product award-winning vaporizer company. Their Magento Website was suffering from severe malware issue in which the hackers were stealing their customer’s credit card information. This was a big nuisance to them and was damaging their online reputation. Our Magento Support and maintenance Service was a big relief for them as we not only helped them in regaining trust among their existing customers but also got more customers for them by moving their current Magento website on our secure dedicated hosting servers.

Our Magento Experts and developers examined their problem properly and came up with the best possible solution for them. We implemented the following services on their site and made it secure and trustworthy:

  • Clean up their existing code of malware
  • Moved their website to our servers
  • Set up a firewall to stop Russian and Chinese hackers
  • Run 6 hourly automatic malware check on the site
  • Run Weekly manual malware check on the site
  • Optimized the site for better load times
  • Setup backups

Some basic Magento Security Tips that you can use to protect your website:

  1. Use the latest version: Magento rolls out its latest version very frequently, which includes general maintenance and bug patches, along with security fixes that address newly discovered weaknesses. The latest version does not mean that the best but it has some more features and fixes the problems in the preceding versions. So it is better to keep updated regarding the Magento security concerns.
  2.   Use two-factor authentication: Magento password alone is not enough so here Use two-factor authentication comes into the picture. For example, Rublon is a good two-factor authentication which provides two layers of protection. It allows trusted devices to access Magento backend using a smartphone app. NOTE: It can be downloaded and installed from http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/catalog/product/view/id/20117/
  3. Set a custom path for the admin panel: When hackers are able to access your admin page, they’ll have a much easier time launching brute force attacks to figure out your password. By default, the standard URL of your store’s admin panel on Magento is yourdomain.com/admin. Change the /admin of your website’s URL into a unique term to make your panel much more difficult to find.
  4. Backup your Website Frequently: For convenience and accessibility, taking regular backups of your website is recommended. It is one of the best practices.
  5. Use Secure FTP: One of the most commonly used methods to hack a site is by guessing or intercepting FTP passwords. To prevent happening it with you, it’s essential that you use secure passwords and use SFTP (Secured File Transfer Protocol) which uses a private key file for decryption or authenticating a user.
  6. Keep your password secure: Update your password on a timely basis and keep it strong and unique that cannot easily be guessed.

At the end, all we can say that no matter how many tips and tricks are available online regarding securing our Magento website but expert’s advice does matter. At Clap Creative, we are your go-to guys for securing your Magento website. To get started, contact us to know about our Magento and maintenance services today.

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