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Simple Yet Effective SEO Tips for BigCommerce

Having a great online store with tons of great products is…great! But it only makes sense if shoppers are able to find you. Leaving your competition choke on  dust when it comes to search engine rankings is quite simple actually – only if you take the right steps in order to make that happen.

It is important to come up with a powerful strategy for having a better marketing plan on BigCommerce sites: because you target an audience with diverse tastes and choices. Here are simple yet effective SEO tips for your Bigcommerce store to get started.

Tip #1: Do Appropriate Keyword Research

Knowing the keywords that shoppers are actually looking for is an important first step to getting your website rank higher. Good thing is, Google provides webmasters around the world an interesting and easy-to-use tool to suck the complexity out of this process—the AdWords Keyword Planner. Simply log on, add a few words or phrases that best describe your ecommerce store, click submit, and the planner will take care of the rest. You’ll have a list of the top search results with the number of people who use them. Think of this tool as a cheat sheet for your remaining Bigcommerce SEO efforts.

Tip #2: Know Your Competition

One of the factors most overlooked to optimizing a website is reviewing what the competition is already ranking for. The simplest way to do this is to open up your web browser, and Google the exact keyword you want to target. Then, look at the search results that show up.

Tip #3: Add Alt Images to Every Product Photo

To understand how product photos affect organic search results, think of search engines as visually impaired. When it comes to creating ideal Bigcommerce SEO environment, you have to realize that search engines can see only text and not images. In order to improve your rankings, it is important that every image—including product photos—have keyword-optimized tags in them. This is where giving each image an alt tag comes handy.

Tip #4: Keep It Relevant

Stuffing your Bigcommerce website with irrelevant keywords is a strict no-no. Google and other major search engines actually consider this as a sin worthy of drooping your site’s ranking even further. Thus, it is crucial that you choose one or two keywords per page that sufficiently describe what products and/or services you’re selling, and what your brand is all about.

Tip #5: Ditch the META Keywords

Bygones are Bygones. And, that goes for META keywords. While there is an interesting box in the Bigcommerce back end that allows you to place META keywords, don’t even think about it. Google and Bing ditched looking at these terms back in 2009, making filling these keywords a waste of your valuable time.

Tip #6: Never Use Duplicate Content

When you have a line-up of products, it can feel easy to use the same product description and/or content given by the manufacturer. Never do this. And, we mean… Never. Do. This. Why? You will give search engines the same content that they found on your competitor’s or manufacturer’s website, causing you possible penalization for using duplicate content from a higher-ranking page. Make sure to write the descriptions yourself and add one or two highly targeted keywords into the page.

Tip#7: Think Like a Shopper

When it comes to search engine optimization, thinking like a shopper really helps. One of the easiest ways to improve your ranking is to open up Google (or any other search engine) and type in keywords as if you are shopping for products similar to what your site sells. Notice what comes up and whether your page is listed or not. Then, put these keywords into the process explained in the steps above and start working on them.

It is super, super, super important to remember that search engine optimization shouldn’t be a second thought. Rather, it makes perfect sense to consider it during the ecommerce website design process itself. Good Luck!


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