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Simplifying Website Design for 2019

Simplifying Website Design for 2019

One of the common mistakes veterans of web design Los Angeles make is to allow creativity to overpower functionality. We understand its nothing short of a challenge to move outside the box (or the grid) without getting your users confused about how to navigate a site or frustrated regarding how to obtain key information.

In our heart, we all want to create memorable exciting experiences but how can we, if our website bounce rates are bent on competing with the likes of a trampoline. Worry not, for below are mentioned some such tricks you can use to simplify your web design (both for existing sites and new builds) in 2019.

The Pareto Principle

You must have heard of the 80-20 rule (80% effect comes from 20% causes), that’s Pareto’s Principle. Use this principle effectively in your website to identify and include only those 20% features things that add functionality, ensuring you have everything covered to enhance your business and getting rid of anything that is not required including the effects that do not help drive in sales.


Do you offer an unfamiliar navigation scheme that is causing a hindrance in the user experience, forcing him/her to re-learn how to go from one place to another? This not only creates a negative impression on the users but also discourages them from returning to the site. Here’s how to improve and simplify navigation.

  • Placing the most valuable information above the fold
  • Getting rid of any unnecessary navigation links
  • Cutting down the pages not visited by people using analytical tool
  • Ensuring that the navigation buttons are easier to locate.
  • Cutting down the content on different pages, if you have loads of it.
  • Using universal icons and symbols for navigation buttons.
  • And lastly, not underestimating the sitemap.


The typeface that is easily readable not only have standard shapes, uniform stroke widths but also no abundance of embellishment. That’s why the options that you get from a solid family type doesn’t require any additional typefaces in case you need to add emphasis to specific lettering. Just ensure that the letters make enough heft to be readable besides contrasting with your background. Also, it’s better to start with just 2 typefaces; one for the main text and other for display usage.

Compelling Copy

Creating a compelling copy is the only way to grab the readers’ attention. So make sure you make your copy compelling enough both in terms of content and presentation. How do we do that? Let’s see.

  • As mentioned above, choose a readable and user-friendly content.
  • Highlight important text using special formatting options.
  • Try separating long copy into bite-sized information.
  • Create bulleted lists wherever necessary.

Content is king. So, don’t forget to hire in the best talent to create that extraordinary copy which will make that lasting impression.

UI Elements

Every User Interface element present in the design such as the icons, images etc. are there for a reason. So, place them with responsibility. Having a wide variety of UI elements at your disposal doesn’t mean you have to use them, it will just make the users overwhelmed seeing so many divots. Simply try to plan and use elements only when they serve an actual use and purpose in the overall web design.

Color Palette

We know how tempting colors appear to the users. We might as well think using a variety of colors will be fun and engaging. No, they will be overwhelming. So, it’s better to simply stick with a color palette with only two or three options. It will help keep color under control.

For instance, if you are planning on going simple, a monotone color palette with few tints and tones of a single color will do the trick just fine. Try it, you will be amazed how beautiful something so simple can be, not only for you but for the users as well. Fewer colors not only cause less mental overload but also help create a more harmonious and organized appearance.


At the end of the day, all that matters is how willing you are to experiment while following your instincts on simplifying your website. So, don’t be afraid to try out new things and create your own path. And if you need any more ideas, contact us. We are Clap Creative, a top-notch company offering the best of web design and web development Los Angeles.


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