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Transforming UX with Human Faces

Transforming UX Through Implementing Human Faces in Web Design

How would you describe a face given an opportunity?

Is your answer something resembling, “let us recognize and identify people”?

Well, it’s true. But a face does much more than that, let’s find out-

  • Faces help in identifying the person’s ethnicity.
  • Faces show the person’s genetic inheritance.
  • Apart from identity, faces reveal gender and age as well.
  • Faces portray a variety of emotions such as anger, distress etc.

And that’s why human faces are considered very powerful. Whenever we see a face, we are automatically drawn towards that person or feel empathy. And what happens when we don’t see one? Like a headless mannequin outside a clothing store? We subconsciously substitute ourselves for the mannequin due to the lack of human in it. That’s the power of human face.

That’s ok, but what incorporating human faces in web designing has anything to do with transforming UX or user experience? Let’s find that out too-

  1. The First Impression is the Last Impression

First impression always plays an important role in deciding whether or not we like that person. Something similar works for digital products. The worse a product’s image can do is to create a negative impression.

So, how to ensure positive first impression? By using a human face. Humans have a tendency to notice other human faces whenever they open a webpage way before than any other content irrespective of how beautiful it is.

  1. Carefully Navigating the Line of Vision

Apart from grabbing the user’s attention, human faces do an excellent job of navigating their vision of sight in a particular direction. Studies also support this fact by claiming that the orientation of attention mediated by gaze is highly automatic.

Navigating your user’s line of vision through human faces prompts them to perform the desired action by focusing on the content of your site without even being aware of it.

  1. Striking the Emotional Cord

Communication on an emotional level starts with the phrase ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ One great thing about emotional expressions such as smiling, scowling, crying etc. is that they defy cultural barriers and are universally understood.

Conveying emotions by using an emotional expression on the human face through web design is not only possible but highly effective as well. That is simply because users tend to feel similar emotions as expressed by images they are viewing.

  1. Engaging the User Experience

Corporate branding with a bunch of logos and an unchanging color scheme does very little to engage the user. Most of the time they seem impersonal.

Including some human faces to your corporate branding can help break the ice. As we have learned earlier, faces whether your own or a stranger’s has the potential to be very captivating. These faces, most importantly, can add the much-needed life and energy that your boring site might be lacking.

  1. Setting a Positive Environment

‘Two is always considered better than one’, this saying has never been truer than implementing human faces in web designing. Just imagine, if a single face can accomplish this much, what a group of human faces will do to your web design?

Just by portraying happiness through more than one humans on your webpage will create a very powerful impact on your users by setting an environment of positivity which every user would like to be part of.

  1. Building Faith

There are only a handful of strategies that work faster than incorporating a human face in your web designs when it comes to building trust with your users and as we are already well aware, trust is the key to maintaining a loyal customer base.

This is one of the major reasons why the faces of celebrities and other famous personalities are so often used in advertising and web development Los Angeles and elsewhere. Public figures promoting a brand will only help to make the product much more desirable to the target audience.

  1. Visually Appealing

Visual appeal is simply what meets the eye and here a significant amount of product’s success can be directly attributed to the visual appeal. One can always use human face to improve aesthetic aspects of his web design. The theory behind it is that whenever people have a choice, they prefer an attractive choice over an ugly one.


The main idea that works behind using human faces in web design is that people just love to see other people, they all want to be part of something. That is why companies like website development Los Angeles and elsewhere show people interacting with your company’s product or service to create an authentic, emotional connection with users.

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