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What’s New in Shopify Website Design in 2018

E-Commerce trends are something that creates fundamental, lasting changes that reshape not just how people shop, but how they live. Particularly, Shopify website design trends, leave behind a residual effect that makes them worthy of the hype. And it’s justifiable as well if you look at the edge it gives to its clients on various levels.

One of them being, Shopify merchants don’t have to leave as their businesses grow bigger (unlike other traditional software in the market) as they are not dependent on the next biggest company to upgrade to get more advanced services during their growth period. Apart from this, you already must be aware of (assuming you are a user) the countless other benefits it bestows upon its users along with massive updates every year that are nothing short of icing on the cake.

Speaking of updates, 2017 was considered an important year for Shopify users as it brought with it some important upgrades such as merging of service design and development, mass disruption to foundational internet services, the rise of diversity Shopify designers, design sprints etc. So, we can safely assume, expectations from Shopify this year will be sky-high as well.

Let’s take a sneak peek at what Shopify has to offer us this year-

  • Illustrations Taking Center Stage

Illustrations work as a brilliant and versatile addition that add fun to your Shopify website through visual elements. This year more and more illustrations will be incorporated into header images, custom iconography, animated visuals and bespoke fonts. Apart from this, unique styles of illustrations will be available to create an entire brand identity.

  • More Organic and Oblique Shapes

Web and mobile design have so long been dominated by sharp-edged and right-angled UI based cards, but things are about to change this year for Shopify users such as primary elements taking more organic shapes, backgrounds will be abounded with almost amoeboid blobs of color, dramatic diagonals etc. Shopify sites will also see double down on straight lines to mix effectively with these organic and spherical shapes.

  • Animation is King

This year, Shopify web pages will not only present us with information but allow us to interact with, and impact that information via the heavy use of animation which, as you know, have the potential to make any experience overwhelming, esp. for those with cognitive disabilities. Even subtle animation can help ensure users don’t miss out on important info by guiding their attention to the right content at the right time.

  • Scrolling on Different Levels

Scrolling, as we know, is the sliding movement of webpage either vertically or horizontally. Till last year, the primary focus was mostly on keeping the essential information above the fold. However, because of users viewing content on all screen sizes, the fold has become more difficult to define recently. 2018 may bring new styles of scrolling to enhance the greater level of interaction to the customer journey.

  • Floating Navigation Menus

Till now conversion focussed sites or those with sprawling menus rely solely on fixed navigation due to its ease of constantly keeping navigation controls at user’s fingertips, simplifying the overall experience. Shopify users this year can expect a visual detachment of navigation controls from rest of the site design which will follow you throughout the site, reinforcing the feeling of navigation as a global object rather than part of any one page.

  • Immersive Multimedia Longform

Since long-form content is powered by a CMS, it only seems viable to publish long text field on the page. But recently, the concept of ‘featured stories’ is on the rise again telling riveting, lengthy stories by combining custom layouts with copy carefully tailored to the presentation thus enriching the narrative with video, sound and much more.

  • Video Implementation

As we have already learned above about the role a moving image or animation play in capturing the attention of a potential customer. Featuring content such as story-telling, advertising, and modern-day photography through videos encourages a greater level of engagement. Facebook, Google, and twitter too view videos more favorably.

  • Microinteractions Everywhere

Animation, as we know, is pretty easy to add on websites nowadays. But a new type of user focussed animation called micro interactions is slowly gaining its way from mobile apps to websites. Microinteractions are animated responses to user behaviors that activate in a realistic way when users click a button or hover to animate a drop-down.

  • Variable Fonts

Today, the massive abundance and diversity of gorgeous typefaces available on the web make it much harder to believe how earlier we have managed to create all our textual content with just a handful of typefaces. The trend of using variable fonts this year which are basically single fonts behaving like multiple fonts is sky-high and as expected, Shopify is going to get a lot better than its earlier types.


The above-mentioned trends for Shopify web design have already started to leave their impression on the web. Lookout for these design techniques to create a positive brand perception to attract more and more customers this year.

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