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How to Extract Maximum Performance from 1 Keyword

Some businesses fail to realize that search engine optimization (SEO) does not bring results over night – rather it’s an ongoing process. Optimizing for single keyword may sound as one of the simplest SEO tasks, but just like all processes it takes time. Businesses who cut corners to seek instant results usually fail at such attempts. Nothing beats hard work and a consistent, strategical process with a clear plan of action.

If you are trying to extract maximum performance from a single keyword, here are the 4 steps you should follow to ensure quality results.

  • Step 1

Keep it simple. You can devote many web pages to only one keyword but not vice-versa.

  • Step 2

Add content to that page. Although SEO has no limit set, you should be setting limits to ensure perfect balance between content and user experience. For instance, you can use a tabbed navigation on a web page to have huge amounts of content rather than throwing at a user’s face a massive page of text. Keep originality and quality in mind.

  • Step 3

This step is the most important. The web page should only talk about that one keyword you want to target. Do not make the mistake of targeting something and writing about another. This will nullify all your efforts. No kidding.

  • Stage 4

Repeat the targeted keyword in your content more times than you repeat any other explanatory words or phrases. This may sound like a common sense, but this step is actually something you should plan out and not just think about only at the time of creating content. If you’re going to craft an article targeting for instance, the keyword “Lamborghini” – make sure not to repeat the word “engine” etc… many times otherwise they will overpower your keyword and this will also cause major search engines to get confused. On the other side, you shouldn’t be stuffing your targeted keyword all over the page more than required either. Balance is the key here. Add just enough to be the most cited word, nothing more.

Optimize the Page

Here is a checklist that can come handy while optimizing a page.

  1. Choose the keyword
  2. Write the page markup
  3. Add a title tag with the exact targeted keyword as the first section. Include a subtle marketing pitch to improve the clickthrough rate as the second section.
  4. Create a description of the page and offerings for the meta description tag.
  5. Link to the page from other web pages on your site that are relevant to your targeted keyword
  6. Get other websites to link directly to the page having keyword as the anchor text. Do this every month and as many times as required.

It’s not the count that’s important. It’s the location and spread of your targeted keyword. Follow the above mentioned steps to maximum performance from 1 keyword.

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